Do the Wilfs really want to win? Do they really care?

I know that this may be a bit of a controversial post, but has anyone ever considered, do the Wilfs REALLY care if we win a Super Bowl?

Before the Ricketts bought the Chicago Cubs, they were owned by the Tribune Company or more directly, Sam Zell. Now, now, before you call my mother bad names, hold on, I will get there, i promise. The Cubs had an interesting strategy under Zell, they would bring in enough of the right talent to keep the fans happy, but that was it. (Think Rome and the games in the coliseum to please the masses while ignoring fixing the real problems) Andre Dawson, Sammy Sosa and the list goes on. The teams were never real World Series contenders, but they brought in a couple of home run hitters, a good strike out pitcher or two and a few colorful managers and that was enough to keep Wrigley field seats full, fans mostly happy and the Cubs profitable. They would trade away or let go of a huge amount of real talent, Palmero, Grace, Maddux etc. Fans always BELIEVED they were close, just need this or that, but Zell never cared if the Cubs won, only that he made a profit, he never put a dime in Wrigley field, it was a true dump, the bathrooms….. the smell from the troughs in the mens room. I have not smelled a Rhinos ass, but i can imagine they are similar. At one point, there was actual chain link fence holding the crumbling concrete in place above the concession concourse to keep the upper deck floor eroding away from falling on fans. it was crumbling that bad, and they could have have fixed it, but that would have cutdown on profits, and the fans were just used to it so it was good enough. Read the Wrigley Rooftops contract he signed with the local buildings that have views into Wrigley. Many of them were for decades, free money to Zell.

Zell, after his ownership even admitted he just cared that Cubs were profitable and that he actually was not that big of a baseball fan. As long as there was profit, and the value of the Cubs allowing Zell to use the Cubs to borrow money using the Cubs as collateral for other things, well that was a World Series win for Zell.

Ok, im there, i told you i would get there, see the similarities? The Wilfs have always seemed to me to be more interested in profit than if we actually win. They seem far more concerned about property development, real estate and do we forget their huge push to get a soccer team? What other reason would they have had to move the stadium so far away from downtown like they wanted? (Do not say parking) The real reason was Real estate development and those profits. Read the agreement with the sports commission, they give away a ton of money for Vikings games, (yes i know to payback for the money given by tax payers) but the Wilfs would get all the profits for a soccer team and other ventures. Hmmm….. sound familiar?

AP, Favre, Hunter, Griffen…. Etc. TDs, sacks, an interesting coach, and on and on. Gladiators in the coliseum. The similarities, as an admitted Cubs fan, are striking to me. I truly do not believe the Wilfs care if we win a Super Bowl, as long as they get to use the Vikings for property development, leverage (moving the team if no new stadium) and profits, exactly as Zell did. We fans sell out the stadium, buy jerseys etc. and continue to BELIEVE we are just this or that away from winning it all. And all the while the Wilfs continue using the Vikings to profit in other areas. That IS a Super Bowl win to them.

I am all for making a profit, i do not begrudge them making money, but I feel like sports team owners should be all in, like the Ricketts, the Wilfs do not seem to be all in, aside from their profits.

Ok, let the crucifixion begin, but leave my mother out pf it please she passed a couple years ago.

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