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Are you planning on seeing any Vikings’ road games this year?

You get one extra opportunity

NFL: Minnesota Vikings OTA Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve known the 2021 schedule for the Minnesota Vikings (and 31 other teams that don’t matter as much) for a few weeks now. Some teams have started to put single-game tickets on sale, and with the Vikings having to play an extra road game this year with the NFL going to 17 games, it’s time to start looking into travel plans.

So. . .are you planning on taking in any Vikings’ games this year that are not happening at U.S. Bank Stadium? I know that a group was going to try to go to last year’s game in Tampa, but I’m not totally sure how that materialized with the COVID protocols and whatnot.

Personally, the only road game that I’m probably going to have an opportunity to make it to in 2021 is the Vikings’ game against the Los Angeles Chargers. It’s just a few hours away from here, which makes it an easy one for yours truly to target. I was in Los Angeles the last time the Vikings and Chargers met in Los Angeles, and I’m sure you all saw it on TV, but the stadium was literally about 80% Minnesota fans.

And it was awesome.

I don’t know if we can expect the same thing this season with the Chargers no longer playing in a soccer stadium that holds about a third of the fans that their new digs can hold, but I’m guessing that there are still going to be a lot of the Vikings’ faithful in attendance.

With that, are there any games outside of the Twin Cities that you’re going to be attending this season? If so, are you going to try to find any of your fellow DN readers before or after or whenever? Talk about it here!