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John Randle on the SB Nation NFL Show


John Randle #93

I know we’ve already had one interview with a member of the Minnesota Vikings posted today, but I think you’ll be pretty happy with this one as well.

Today, the one and only John Randle sat down with the folks from the SB Nation NFL show and touched on a number of topics, including what he thinks of the team for 2021. You can listen to the whole interview right here. If I can figure out how to do an embedded version, I’ll update this post and throw it in here, but you’ll have to settle for the link for now.

Randle thinks that the Vikings have a serious chance to rebound on defense in 2021 thanks to the new additions and returns that the team will be bringing in.

Well, if you look at last year, our defense, we had just lost Danielle Hunter - he was out. Then we lost Everson Griffin, he was gone. But you look at us now, Danielle’s back, we got Sheldon Richardson back. For us, if anything, it’s given us a chip on our shoulder that we’ve got guys coming back. We kinda have brought in a youth movement also.

But, I think overall, with Green Bay going through their troubles and Detroit kind of rebuilding, trying to reshuffle, this is an opportunity for the Minnesota Vikings...I think for us, the Minnesota Vikings, this could be the season to look to as a year for us to be that team that everybody’s gotta be watching. We’re always going to think about Kansas City, of course, and we’re going to think about Tampa. I think offense scores points but defense wins games. We’ve got the makings of a nasty defense that can come out there and do some things, cause some damage, and be very successful.

I think it’s the year for purple. This is the year for us. It’s our turn. It’s time for the midwest. Let’s go!

I like his optimism. Hell, I like John Randle. How can you not?

Thanks to the guys from the SB Nation NFL Show for taking the time to sit down with the Hall of Famer and share it with us.