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Talking Bears/Vikings with Bears Talk Underground

A tradition like no other. . .or something

We’ve done quite a few episodes talking about the Chicago Bears and your Minnesota Vikings with our friend Larry Deal from Bears Talk Underground. Since it’s the time for season previews, we’ve got the latest installment of that here as I got the chance to sit down to talk with Larry about our two teams.

We talked about the drafts for both the Vikings and the Bears and quite a few other things. . .including the fact that, for the sixth time in the six-year history of U.S. Bank Stadium (and the seventh time in the last eight years overall), the final regular season home game for the Vikings will see them taking on the Bears.

That’s such a weird scheduling quirk that I can’t get past it, sorry.

The show is right around an hour long, and I think that it’s pretty good stuff. It’s always a good time talking with Larry and I hope that you’ll get some good information about both squads in this episode of BTU. We won’t talk to Larry again until December, so get your fix now!