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The Daily Norseman Mailbag, July 16th, 2021

The last mailbag before training camp

US Postal Service Mail Delivery Ahead Of Second-Quarter Results

Good Morning!

A Twitter question again this week, sweet!

Two email questions also, excellent!

For salary cap questions I’ll continue using so I’m consistent with the numbers I throw out there.

Any trades involving draft picks I’m using the updated NFL Trade Value Chart developed by Rich Hill available at

For evaluating or looking up draft prospects or rookies my go to is

If I can’t come up with what I think is a legitimate answer, I’ll ask someone who I think can provide one.

Enough from me, let’s see what was on everyone’s mind.

The Vikings Gazette asked:

How confident do you feel about the d-line rotation? Assuming somewhere around 9ish DL make the roster, who gets in? Who starts opposite Hunter?

I do like the addition of Richardson to the defensive line, I think Zimmer and Patterson can substitute throughout the season so no one has to play more than 600 snaps and create mismatches on obvious passing downs (or running downs) to dictate to the opponents offense.

However, after Hunter, Pierce, Richardson and Tomlinson there is either a lot of unknown or meh. Unless the Vikings sign a veteran Edge (hello, Justin Houston) I think Weatherly will get the nod to start the season with plenty of Patrick Jones II mixed in; the combination of Weatherly and a rookie isn’t going to cause any offensive coordinator to lose sleep at night, but if Hunter is back to form that should create mismatches for Weatherly and Jones II to exploit.

After those five, it’s a bunch of guys who either on their 3rd or 4th year and haven’t made a breakthrough- Wonnum, Lynch, Holmes and Mata’afa are all on the bubble (imo) and could either be cut or practice squad candidates. Look for Twyman to either make the 53 or practice squad and brought up.

So who makes it? Hunter, Richardson, Pierce, Tomlinson, Weatherly, Jones II, Twyman, Watts, Robinson, and someone else. Obviously, I’d like to see a veteran Edge signed.

AlmostCanada asked: in the last mailbag article, (I missed it)

Hindsight question. In the past 7 drafts what would be a potential starting offensive line that was available to the Vikings without trades?

Here’s Vike Me’s excellent answer.
Taylor Lewan RT
Andrus Peat OG
Cody Whitehair C
Joe Thuney OG
Trent Brown LT

I pondered this for a while and couldn’t find a better combination, so I’m going with Vike Me’s answer as the “I asked the expert.”

Vhcadet pondered:

With the Vikings in need of a WR3 could the Vikings look at Le’veon Bell? Since he has basically burned all his bridges with the league the Vikes could get him on the cheap and sell it to Zim as another running back then just use him as WR3? This could be terrible but i want your take.

At first I hated this idea, then I liked it, then I couldn’t decide.

Bell averaged 3.9 and 4.0yds/carry with the Jets and Chiefs last year, I think the Vikings could sign a veteran RB for less if needed, if the Vikings are going to sign a veteran offensive player my goto is WR3 is Dede Westbrook.

“Chuck” a Vikings and Chiefs fan stated:

I would rather see the Vikings win the division by beating him than because he held out(quit). It is time he man up and realize he signed a contract and is responsible to fulfill that contract. He is just a spoiled baby and I am tired of hearing about him.

Rodgers is one of the most polarizing figures in the NFL, you either like him or hate him. Either way, he was last year’s MVP, and All-Pro QB and is headed for the HoF. His presence on the field changes how teams play the Packers. Rodgers can walk away from his contract any time he wants, his current contract doesn’t have anymore guaranteed money, but he’d have to pay a portion of his roster bonus back.

I hope he retires and Love is as good as all the 80’s Packers QB’s combined.

ArildVornson pondered:

-A few things to start: According to Rob Searles’s article, “Mike Zimmer’s Continuity Struggles Compared to Other Long-Tenured Head Coaches” He states, “It’s important to note that all six head coaches who have more active tenure than Zimmer have won at least one Super Bowl.” He’s referring to Belichick (of course), Payton, Tomlin, Harbaugh, Carroll, and Reid.

-Zimmer has a well-documented W-L record every other year, and with the number of players on one year deals this year who probably will not be back next year, it’s very possible that next year continues the on/off W-L theme and is another dud.

-Also to note, Zimmer has a pretty poor 22-20 W-L record versus the NFC. When compared to Denny Green who had a 30 - 18 record against the NFC and a string of winning seasons above .500 from ‘92 to 2000 (8/9 winning seasons before ‘01, and ‘95 was 8-8), as well as a few potential SB runs, Green’s excellent run was over after ‘01. I believe most knew it was time for a change.

Is it likely that Zimmer, even if the Vikes perform well this year such as 10 - 12 wins and a playoff win but no SB, do you think he gets fired after the season?

There is plenty of recent precedent here such as Dungy who set the Bucs up for Gruden, Schottenheimer (who had some incredible chances, Doug Pederson, Mike Mularky, Lovie Smith (Smith’s was absolutely deserved), and odds makers have given Zimmer the fifth best odds to get canned at 11/1. What do you think? Without a SB win is Zimmer gone after this year? We know the Wilfs are pretty loyal, but is this the last run before change?

Lastly, this is not one of the questions to bait posters like 12 (we all know he loathes Zimmer), but I do think it is a legitimate question to ask before the season, even if it turns out to be a very successful season.

Barring a complete meltdown via injury or the players quitting on Zimmer, I don’t see Zimmer getting fired at the end of this season since this is his roster, he’s in the middle of an extension and that would cost the Wilf’s money. I do think that Rick and Zimmer’s future is tied to Cousins success this year and next.

NorseCoder asked:

Previously, you gave us a “quick review of this years Vikings 3rd round draft selections”. This week, could you give us a review of the guy we drafted in the third round, Patrick Jones II?

I almost fired the mailbag staffer that mishandled that question, but I’d have to fire myself so.....

Patrick Jones II- NFL draft profile His profile is somewhat close to Hunter’s but he went a round earlier. As mentioned above, I do think he’ll make the roster and get some playing time this year. I don’t think he’ll unseat Weatherly this year as a starter but will get some good rotational reps.

HiVike pondered:

The term “SAFETY” has always bothered me. In fact, there’s nothing “safe” about it. Either you or the team has screwed up pretty bad. Unless, of course, you intentionally run out of the back of the End Zone to get the free kick. That said………

What should the term “SAFETY” be renamed?

Also, if you’re intentionally trying to fail and you succeed, did you fail or did you succeed????

I’m okay with the term even though it’s somewhat antiquated since most safeties play near the line of scrimmage at times (see Smith, Harrison) but also centerfield.

If you’re trying to fail and succeed, you succeeded.

MidwinterViking asked:

If you could add any 1 non-QB to the Vikings roster, who do you take?

I asked for clarification: Current contract comes with the player?

Assume they were just cut for a non obscene reason and you have to pay them market rates. (I.e. don’t take a guy just for a cheap rookie contract). A-a-ron Rodgers still counts as a QB, not a game show host.

Some excellent suggestions in the comments; Chase Young, Quenton Nelson and George Kittle.

I wanted a QB with mobility but was limited, so my answer would be either Darren Waller, TE Raiders or Kyle Pitts, TE Falcons. Both on team friendly contracts and would add a new dimension to the Vikings offense.

VikingFFL76 pondered:

I think every offseason, every fan believes their team is strong enough to win the Super Bowl. I always believe the Vikings will until we get eliminated from the playoffs or don’t make it.

So do I, every year is going to be the year until it isn’t, that’s the fun for me.

Offda22 asked:

Why do people follow the Vikings if they don’t like the Vikings?
Or is their discontent a result of dissatisfaction elsewhere? Wife or lack thereof? Size situation?

How people “fan” isn’t my concern, one can either be a “doomer” or “homer” or something in between. What does bother me is the constant jabs at people who are generally excited about the team in June or July only to have other posters poop on their ideas or legit excitement.

I try to stay somewhat neutral in all this, but personally I am more of a homer than anything, whether the Vikings win the Owl this year or not is completely out of my control, I’m still going to have fun watching the games.

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to pose questions either via Twitter, email or in the mailbag post. Look for the next mailbag post on the 27th of July, my responses might be delayed since I have to go to Georgia to take care of some family stuff, but I’ll get the mailbag questions out that week with my mediocre answers.