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Your Minnesota Vikings highlight video of the indeterminate time period

Since there’s not a lot to talk about

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

As you’ve probably noticed, there isn’t a whole lot going on when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings. Mercifully, we’re about three weeks away from the start of Training Camp when all of that will change. . .hopefully in a positive manner.

I mean, it’s the Vikings. . .what’s the worst that could happen?

But, with little news being generated from the Twin Cities, we can sit back and watch highlights of our favorite football team, including this video that I hadn’t yet gotten an opportunity to see.

The folks over at a YouTube channel called The Skolery have put together some really nice Vikings highlight videos, including this one of the guy that got hosed out of the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, wide receiver Justin Jefferson. This video documents every catch from his record-setting rookie campaign, complete with a running counter for receptions and yardage. Check it out!

Yeah, you’ll probably have to watch it on YouTube, given the highlights and stuff, but at least you know where it is.

For the guy that was the fifth player taken at his position in the 2020 NFL Draft, it’s pretty darn impressive that he came in and had the season he did. Given his underuse for the first quarter of the season or so, his rookie campaign was downright phenomenal. The bar has been set pretty high for him in 2021, but is there any doubt about whether or not he can clear it?

Check out the video, folks, and bask in the awesomeness that was Justin Jefferson’s rookie season.