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New Shirt Alert: Minnesota Meaty Boys

Thanks to the quick work of Breaking T, Eric Kendricks’ hilarious quote from Training Camp is now on a new shirt!

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Most Training Camp press conferences are pretty milquetoast. The coach or player steps up to the podium, the local media asks a bunch of questions about the upcoming season, and the interview subject normally gives generic answers about how they’re “ready to work” and “excited to show what they can do.”

But every once in a while, some poetic prose pops out when you least expect it.

When veteran linebacker Eric Kendricks had his media availability on Wednesday afternoon, a Twin Cities media member (I believe Patrick Reusse) asked Kendricks about his new teammates in the middle of the defensive line. Kendricks’ answer was memorable to say the least.

Q: Eric, with the reinforcements in front of you, there are some big fellas in here. You must be excited about that.

Kendricks: Absolutely. I got some meaty boys in front of me, as everybody knows. They’re excited to play, I’m excited to play behind them, and we’ll make things crack this year.

Yes. That’s what he said. “Meaty boys.”


Go to the 3:05 mark of this video on to hear Kendricks’ quote for yourself.

Of course, everyone covering the press conference immediately fired out a tweet about it. It was pure pull quote gold. I mean, if there is a better way to concisely describe the new defensive tackle triumvirate of Michael Pierce, Dalvin Tomlinson, and Sheldon Richardson, I am unaware of it. Kendricks’ off-the-cuff comment inadvertently coined the best defensive line nickname since the Purple People Eaters.

I loved the quote so much that I half-jokingly said that the folks at Breaking T should make a t-shirt out of it.

Less than 24 hours later...guess what we have? Well, OK, you probably don’t have to guess, since the shirt is in the headline photo. But still—how great is that shirt?!

You can order your very own Meaty Boys shirt from Breaking T right here. The slogan at Breaking T is “Wear The Moment.” Hopefully the big boys up front clearing space for Kendricks and Anthony Barr will make several moments of their own during the 2021 season.