The Official Final 53 UPDATED

update: the final 53 should now be finalized after the last 48 hours. I'm putting Vikings who weren't on the original 53 in bold and crossing out players who were on the initial 53 but aren't anymore.

Piecing together the Thomasson tweets, the Vikings final 53 is now official

Offense: 23

QB: Cousins, Mond (2)

RB: Cook, Mattison, Nwangwu (2)

Note: Nwangnu is now on IR

FB: Ham (1)

WR: Jefferson, Theilen, Westbrook, Osborne, ISM, Chinesa (5)

Note: Chinesa is now on IR, as is Chad Beebe

TE: Smith Jr, Conklin, Herndon, Dillon, Ellefson (4)

Note: Smith Jr. is now on IR

OT: Darrisaw, O'Neill, Hill, Brandel (4)

iOL: Bradbury, Cole, Cleveland, Davis, Udoh (5)

Defense: 27

DT: Pierce, Tomlinson, Richardson, Watts, Lynch (5)

DE: Hunter, Griffen, Jones II, Weatherly, Wonnum, Holmes (5)

LB: Barr, Kendricks, Vigil, Connelly, Dye, Surratt, Lynch (7)

CB: Peterson, Breeland, Alexander, Boyd, Dantzler, Hand (6)

S: Smith, Woods, Bynum, Metellus (4)

Special Teams: 3

K: Greg Joseph

P: Britton Colquitt Jordan Berry

LS: Andrew DePoela

That's the 53 folks!!

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