4 Downs to 0-1

1st Down: Trying to gauge anything useful from the opening week loss to the Bengals is almost impossible. Why? How many teams legitimately have any shot at winning while being flagged 12 times for 116 and losing the turnover battle?! One almost has to wait another week to glean any potential season-defining information once the laundry list is reduced.

2nd Down: Even though it took an entire overtime period, it is troubling to see the Vikings give up 149 total yards on the ground. This is exactly what Tomlinson & Pierce were brought in to stop. This '21 squad will have no shot if those numbers continue.

3rd Down: Much like last year, the MN offense waited until they were down multiple scores to try and really involve Justin Jefferson in the proceedings. Somewhere, Stefon Diggs is shaking his head and smirking. I know this team doesn't want to over-extend the passing game, but mothballing an enormous weapon for large stretches is not excusable in any offensive scheme.

4th Down: The 2021 Vikings are not going to win many games when Cousins has to chuck it 49 times and Cook only gains 61 yards on the ground. It was almost remarkable that the game was as competitive as it turned out to be.

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