Can I ask a Favor of all of you?

Happy Friday to everyone.

I have a request of all my American friends on this site. As you may know, Canada started allowing fully vaccinated Americans to enter Canada on August 9th. To date, the US has not reciprocated and us Canucks continue to be locked out of the US for ground travel (we can fly). The next decision by the US government is on Tuesday next week. It will either be another 1 month extension (likely) or allowing fully vaccinated CDNs to cross.

I would really like to come to a Vikings game this year as it's been WAY too long, so I'm asking for your help. Can you please call your State and Federal representatives and let them know that you want the border open to CDNs, at least to reciprocate the Canadian policy to Americans? If they must extend on Tuesday, please ask that they give guidance as to whether this is the last extension or not.

I do appreciate any help. I've talked to the Politicians on the Canadian side of the border and they have not been given a reason the closure continues and the policy has not been reciprocated.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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