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Everson Griffen to miss Sunday’s game due to concussion

And you’ll never believe. . .wait, you’re a Vikings fan so you probably will

Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

We’ll have the full injury reports for the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals a bit later on today (once the Cardinals actually release their full report), but one of the big stories involves Vikings’ defensive end Everson Griffen.

As we told you in yesterday’s injury story, Griffen appeared on the injury report with a concussion on Thursday after practicing on Wednesday without issue. The report said that he was in the concussion protocol, and on Friday head coach Mike Zimmer told us why.

Apparently, as he was driving to practice on Thursday, Griffen had to swerve to avoid a deer on the road and wound up in an accident. That’s where the concussion came from. He will not clear the concussion protocol in time to play on Sunday, so the team has already declared him as out.

I’m not about to make light of a player suffering a concussion or anything like that, and I hope that Everson Griffen makes a full recovery and that he’s ready to go sooner rather than later. But, honestly. . .this just seems like a very “Vikings” way for a player to end up missing games, doesn’t it?

Again, we’ll have the full injury reports for the Vikings and the Cardinals a bit later on once the Cardinals’ full report is released. But this situation merited its own story, I thought.