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Daily Norseman Staff NFL Picks: Week 2

Not the greatest of weeks across the board

New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

It is once again that time of the week, ladies and gentlemen, where the crew that brings you the greatest. . .and your personal favorite. . .Minnesota Vikings website share their wisdom as to who they think will emerge victorious in games around the National Football League this week.

Last week was not the greatest of weeks, but hey. . .it was Week 1. At least that’s the excuse that I’m going with because, man, were my straight-up picks last week just hot garbage. Nobody exactly lit the world on fire in that category, but I was certainly bringing up the rear.

Here’s how everyone did last week:

  • GA Skol: 9-7 straight-up, 9-6 against the spread, 8-7 over/under
  • Ed Brodmarkle: 9-7 straight-up, 8-7 against the spread, 6-10 over/under
  • Warren Ludford: 7-9 straight-up, 7-8 against the spread, 10-6 over/under
  • Eric Thompson: 6-10 straight-up, 3-12 against the spread, 8-8 over/under
  • Christopher Gates: 6-10 straight-up, 7-8 against the spread, 11-5 over/under

There are two reasons that we each only have 15 games against the spread last week rather than 16. The first is that GA Skol missed the Thursday Night game and didn’t have spread or over/under picks for that one (he didn’t throw in with the rest of us degenerates until before the kickoff of the Sunday games). The other is that the other four of us had a push because San Francisco was an 8-point favorite over Detroit and that was the exact margin of victory, 41-33. So, because we all had either Niners -8 or Lions +8, we got hit with a push. GA Skol actually got a win for that one because he had Lions +9.5.

With that explanation out of the way, here are the selections we’re making for this week. Hopefully they’ll be much better than the ones we brought you in Week 1.

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, the numbers that we’re each playing with for both the spread picks and the over/under totals can fluctuate based on when each individual selector punches their picks into Tallysight.

Thus far, there are only four games where we have any disagreements, but one of them is the game that you folks that read this site are the most concerned about. Here are the games that are not unanimous as things stand right now.

  • Bills at Dolphins: Chris has Miami, everyone else has Buffalo
  • Niners at Eagles: GA Skol has Philadelphia, everyone else has San Francisco
  • Vikings at Cardinals: Warren and GA Skol have Minnesota, Chris, Eric, and Ed have Arizona
  • Cowboys at Chargers: Ed and Warren have Dallas, everyone else has Los Angeles

Yes, we are split as to whether or not the purple are going to fall to 0-2 following their trip to the desert this week. Warren and GA Skol each have the Vikings winning and (obviously) covering the spread. Eric (-3.5) and Chris (-4.5) both have the Cardinals winning and covering. Only GA Skol sees this one as a lower-scoring game, as he’s taking the “under” 51 bet, while everyone else has this as “over” either 50.5 or 51 points.

If you’re making your picks in Vegas (or anywhere else that’s legalized sports gambling) based on our selections, there’s a good chance that you’re losing money and should probably stop. Either that or employ the “Costanza method,” wherein you figure out what picks we’re making and then do the exact opposite. You’ll be rolling in cash that way, I think.

Good, bad, or indifferent, those are our selections for this week, folks. How did your picks look for Week 1?