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Vikings Report Rewind LIVE: Vikings at Cardinals

What did we just see?

Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking LIVE at the best damn Minnesota Vikings post-game show in the business, Vikings Report Rewind! Drew and Ted from the aptly-named Vikings Report with Drew and Ted will be coming to you live minutes after the conclusion of each Vikings’ game this season, and yours truly will be joining them and simply hoping not to drag them down.

You can check out the show on their YouTube page, and subscribe to their channel if you haven’t already, or you can watch the embedded video below.

We will be going over what went right and what went wrong in today’s contest for our favorite football team, and hopefully bring it to you with a different perspective and some humor. . .particularly on days like this when we could really use some of that.

Once again, we will be bringing you Vikings Report Rewind within minutes of each Vikings’ game this season, just as soon as we get the links situated and everything else posted up here on DN. We hope that you enjoy the show, and feel free to leave some comments either here or on the Vikings Report YouTube page (linked above) to let us know what you think!