The Vikings will win the NFC North .. sez Butter

despite losing on the missed EP and FG today, it was a VERY encouraging game.

1. The O-line opened holes and pass protected. Against an Arizona D that murdered Tennessee's O line.

2. Chandler Jones and JJ Watt went sackless, I believe. Whatever Rashod changed from last week, worked.

3. The offense moved the ball, had sustained drives, and did some creative stuff like a couple of nice screens, and an almost-got-a-big play reverse in the first quarter.

4. All the Vikes offensive stars got involved, Cousins hit seven receivers, and Number 17 K.J. Wright ... er, Osborn ... has developed some serious stickum ... . There's no longer a question IF Vikings have WR #3 or WHO that WR #3 might be ...

5. The defense on the other hand gave UP a buncha yards, drives, sustained drives, and big plays .... That will and can get fixed as they learn the system and play together.... Note Patrick Peterson is playing outstanding (he knocked loose the ball that Vigil caught but didn't have the skill to toe-tap for a pick) ... Xav Woods laid a nice trap, hiding behind a tight end or LB who was directly between him and Kyler Murray, right before Murray threw and Woods picked it ...

which leads me to why I now know they will win the division ... 1. The Packers suck. 2. Detroit is better than advertised and may well beat the Packers at Lambeau tomorrow night ... regardless, that game against the Saints says the Packers have got issues ... and, 3. ... when the Bears fans got what they want and Fields came on in relief of Dalton, all of a sudden the Bears are thinking oh damn we may have to fall back on Foles ... cripes ... Fields's QB rating was in the low twenties ...

Oh, we're only one game behind, and none within the division.

Therefore, the Vikings will win the NFC North title this year.

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