What if…

What if we had taken some of the money we spent on signing no less than NINE defensive players to free agent contacts and used it elsewhere? The fallacy that is continually perpetuated is "we didn’t have enough money to get quality OL because of Kirk’s contract. It’s just not true. Add up what we just doled out on defense…some of which isn’t even being spent on "starting players". It’s clear that if we had made fixing this OL the top priority FOR ONCE, we had the resources to do it. I’m not trying to defend Cousins at all here, but if you spend money on backup or rotational defensive players and don’t have five solid starters at OL…you’ll deserve it when you get fired. There’s no excuse whatsoever if this OL fails miserably like it has for several years in a row…especially considering that you went out and acquired a pocket passer that needs a clean pocket to be successful.

I’m a Vikings fan for life and hope we win the Super Bowl before I die…but if this year’s OL is garbage again, it’s time for changes at the top.

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