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Monday Open Thread: September 20, 2021

That was a heartbreaker

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Happy Monday, everyone!

Alright, that loss sucked. Two weeks in a row, the Vikings have been in a position to secure a win on the road, and two weeks in a row, it hasn’t happened. It’s tough, and the team is now 0-2 when they could very easily be 2-0, but they aren’t. Winning on the road in the NFL is always tough, but to lose in the manner in which they’ve lost is gut-wrenching. I’ll give my quick analysis.

The offense: Hey, they looked good. The O-line did their job against a tough pass rush for much of the game, and they opened holes so that the running game could get yards. Kirk Cousins had a damn good game, and he put the team in a position to win the game. I’ve been critical of Cousins when it’s warranted, and I’ll give him praise when it’s warranted, as it is today. The offense scored 26 points, this loss isn’t on them.

The defense: They looked good at times, but they looked ungood at times. The Cardinals got some lucky bounces at times, but the defense has to get off the field on 3rd down, and they didn’t do that enough. I did like that they generated a couple of turnovers, and I was encouraged by certain aspects of the defense that showed improvement, but they gave up too many points, and the team lost.

Special teams: It’s hard to pin this loss on Joseph, as he nailed two 50+ yard field goals, but it’s hard not to pin the loss on him, at least somewhat, because he missed a PAT and missed an easy field goal that would have won the game.

At the beginning of the season, my thoughts were that the team’s defense would be improved, but it would take a few weeks for them to get running on all eight. I still believe that to be true. I think the Vikings will defeat the Seahawks next week.

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