Kirk Hater Here.... Not his fault

As in Robin Williams to Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.....

"Hey Kirk, you see this here (shows record). It's not your fault"

"Yeah, I know man", Kirk

"No. You don't. It's not your fault son"

ETC ETC.... tears, hugging

In all seriousness, Lord knows I am no Kirk fan, but I will gladly admit that he played good enough these last two games. Could I knit pick certain things? Absolutely, but I'm not going to. I want to talk about something much more important:

Zimmer!! What the hell man. Zimmer is screwing this team with his conservative nature and, the most frustrating thing, we all saw this coming!! For what ever reason, Zimmer hates taking chances, which means that he likes to play games close and when the Vikings are up, he doesn't try to increase leads. Many people are blaming Kubiak for being conservative in the second half, but I blame Zimmer.

So, let's think about Zimmer for a second. We all know he is very hands off on offence. I would argue he's a detriment to the weapons this team has on offence. He's not great at clock management. His leadership style is up for debate. I certainly don't like him throwing players under the bus in the press. He straight up hates kickers and has ruined many of them (Carlson). BUT, all of this is put up with because he brings a great defense. Right?

The problem is, the defense has not been great for a long time. It's been kind of average. He's known as the CB whisperer, but who's the last CB he really developed into a great player?

So... not good with offense or time mgmt, meh leadership, special teams is a problem and defense is so-so. In the words of Office Space... what exactly is it that you'd say you do here?

I think we'll have Kirk for one more season. Let's get an offensive HC in here and lean into Kirk. See what he can do once and for all.

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