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Nincompoop of the Week: Week 2 (Cardinals)

Minnesota Vikings v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Pick who you blame the most for the loss. This is supposed to be fun. It is a good bit to get frustration out about a player/coach/whomever. If you think it is a downer, you can skip to the next article. I’ll be rooting for team to win every game (as usual) on Sunday.

Greg Joseph - Why is Greg a nincompoop? His missed XP is the point the team lost by. The missed game winning FG was 37 yards out. He missed two kicks that were the difference in the game. He was clearly impacted by the Viking curse of the kickers. We’ve been singing his praises after week 1. We’ll be asking for his replacement soon. I only assume it is a continued downward spiral from here.

Mike Zimmer - Why is Zim a nincompoop? Hasn’t he learned kickers in Minnesota are cursed? With plenty of time left on the clock he decided to sit on the ball and wait for the FG unit. That is an understandable decision, for most teams. Greg the Leg has been very good thus far, but we all knew what was coming. I also question the decision to continue to ride Dalvin Cook when he clearly wasn’t healthy. 3 runs from Mattison and 22 from Cook. Cook looked worn down and/or not healthy in the 2nd half. This coaching staff decided to continue to trot Cook out there instead of giving him a break. These are the actions of a nincompoop. When Cook is out injured again deep in the season, I will not wonder why.

Rashod Hill - Why is Rashod a nincompoop? Have you seen him play left tackle? He is the worst player on the team right now. His pass blocking is abysmal and his run blocking isn’t much better. Rashod has been a career backup and should remain a career backup. His PFF Grade of 36.4 is by far the worst player this week.

Bashaud Breeland - Why is Breeland a nincompoop? He is the worst player on defense by far. He gives up big play after big play. He can’t cover anyone and I assume he is headed to the bench. The opposing team should throw at him every game until he proves he can actually defend a pass. Breeland was never great, but he was better than this prior to coming to MN. PFF has him as the worst cornerback in the NFL through 2 games. Worst somehow doesn’t seem low enough.

Mackensie Alexander - Why is Mack a nincompoop? Mack is the one that gave up the big play on the 4th down conversion. He had no chance to cover Christian Kirk. It was a zero blitz and Murray handled it well (unlike Kirk last week against a zero blitz). Mack was better his first time around in MN and has struggled these first two games. I hope to see him turn it around and not just see him turning around to run after WRs who burned him.

Last Week’s Results

  1. Offensive Line 35%
  2. Mike Zimmer 31%
  3. Bashaud Breeland 18%
  4. The Refs 14%
  5. Dalvin Cook 2%


Who is your Nincompoop of the Week?

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    Greg Joseph
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  • 35%
    Mike Zimmer
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  • 2%
    Rashod Hill
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  • 15%
    Bashaud Breelad
    (213 votes)
  • 1%
    Mackensie Alexander
    (18 votes)
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