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Vikings Happy Hour - Must-Win Games Already

In an absolutely lively discussion, Matt and Ryan talk with the fans about last Sunday and what we could anticipate going into the home opener at US Bank Stadium.

It is a quiet night at the bar, but should it be? We are at the point that Vikes are down to must-win games already. Only Matt and Ryan were there to talk Minnesota Vikings football. They need you to join them and talk about what happened in the Arizona Cardinals game, and what will happen against the Seattle Seahawks.

Discussion topics tonight:

Vikings Recap, what was your emotion to the missed FG?

  • Any takeaways?

Vikes/Seahawks preview

  • Vikes Offense vs Hawks D
  • Can we contain Russ?
  • Concern with DBs vs Seattle WR?
  • Keys to victory?

Lighting round


  • Chris Carson 100 yards (avg 81.3 per game vs Vikes)
  • Russell Wilson 3 TDs (rush/pass) avg 2.3 in 6 games vs Vikes (not playoffs)
  • Justin Jefferson 1 drop
  • Dalvin Cook over 70 yards rushing
  • Vikes D sacks 3


  • Kirk Cousins continued success?
  • Special Teams actually good?
  • Nick Vigil through two games
  • Vikings a playoff team

Headline game

  • You like that?!
  • Is it time to panic?

Game prediction

  • Dave 0-2
  • Matt 0-2
  • Ryan 1-1
  • Guest 0-2

Fan with us!!! Matt Anderson @MattAnderson_8, and Ryan Ortega @sportsguyry, are joined by you the fans. Producer Dave @Luft_Krigare in the truck. This is a @Climb_ThePocket’s & @DailyNorseman’s production.