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Skoldiers - 089 - Chicken for Dinner

Minnesota hosts Seattle for the first time in 4 years - can it make a difference?

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NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Mike, Ed, and special guest Jeff talk about the ongoing Seattle Minnesota rivalry, and how each team can be successful in turning the corner early in their 2021 campaign.

Difficult situations for both teams

  • Seattle and Minnesota are both a game back in their respective divisions and need a win week 3 to try and keep pace.
  • Both the Seahawks and Vikings are coming off of late close losses.

Vikings Offense

  • Will the Dalvin Cook injury hinder the Vikings run game?
  • Can Justin Jefferson get going?
  • How will the offensive line play after 2 games of inconsistent results?

Seattle Offense

  • New Offensive Coordinator Shane Waldron is clicking with Russ, but is it all smooth sailing?
  • Where has DK Metcalf gone? Is he now Decoy Metcalf?

Seattle Defense

  • Lack luster pass rush allowing opposing offenses to run wild
  • Suspect secondary leading to high scoring games

Minnesota Defense

  • Who can contain Metcalf (assuming he gets back to normal week 3)?
  • Containing Russel Wilson will be key to the Vikings success
  • Fundamental Tackling has been an issue in weeks 1 and 2


  • Just Jefferson breakout?
  • DK Metcalf breakout?
  • Kirk Cousins explosion?


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