4 Downs To 1-2

1st Down: Kirk Cousins--stone cold assassin. Aside from some first-half jitters in the opener, this is the best Kirk has played in Purple (maybe the best play of his career). Small sample size, of course, but I love to see him really let 'er rip on throws now. That play where he was under immediate pressure and threw a dime to Osborn (I believe) for a first down? I had NEVER seen that from Viking Kirk. In the postgame victory speech, Zimmer said this was the "best offensive performance he had seen in his time here". In terms of overall efficiency, I can't really argue that point.

2nd Down: Cousins being protected is obviously a big part of his recent success. But I think a lot of credit has to be given to Klint Kubiak for designing offensive gameplans that really seem to be working for all involved. It isn't just the Dalvin Cook show, there's production from WR3, & when the o-line doesn't hold or jump the down-and-distance has generally been manageable. Coming into this season, I was wary of another offensive coordinator taking the reins, but this has been a welcome (positive) development.

3rd Down: I'm honestly not sure what to make of the defense through three weeks. On one hand, I'm still waiting to see that signature dominating Zimmer defensive masterpiece from beginning to end (that first quarter was rough). On the other hand, that side of the ball pitched a shutout on Russell Wilson in the second half. Rome wasn't built in a day, I guess. Ultimately, Zim's job (and the success of the team overall) will hinge on continued defensive improvement as this season goes forward. Holding the Seahawks to 106 ground yards represents improvement in that area from recent weeks, to be sure.

4th Down: Home field advantage is back in the NFL--and the Vikes have a big one at the Bank! Last year's empty stadiums were such an aberration and the numbers (road teams having their best collective effort in the history of the league) bore that out. On more than one occasion, I saw the Seattle offense really scrambling to get plays called and up to the line in time in the midst of all the noise. A similar environment will help extraordinarily against the Browns (Baker Mayfield isn't exactly what I would called unflappable) next week.

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