Hard Times

The world is s crazy place. So any light is a good thing.

However, I am not expecting anything from our team. Even the most diehard Rick and Zim defenders must acknowledge this team as is will make zero noise.

Rick: Cannot build a line or sign proven veterans. His insistance on signing low talent, Doziers, Hills etc and expecting anything is a joke. There has always been better depth, but he scrapes the bottom. Plus his draft picks have been utter flops, other than O'Neill. Cousins is a happy feet QB. He needs protection.

He also consistently brings back players that were on our previous losing teams as if different results will happen. And this garbage about Zims complicated system is so stupid. Lets see if they bring back Ifeaydi to prove my point. His sytem is a failure, which leads to..

Zim. He was never a great HC. He had 1 good team in 2017, and choked hard when it counted. He simply should have never been kept as a coach after 2018. He cannot coach worth shite, and the evidence is overwhelming. His defensive play caling is vanilla and conservative. His offensive philosphy is a joke and stone age relic. It has not and will not produce a championship. The zone blocking scheme is a disaster. There are 20 other things about him, but I have gone on and on already in the past.

The Wilfs clearly cannot see what a train wreck looks like.

The light: This will be the end of this era and we can get some better football minds next year. This team will not go anywhere this year. The promise of a better future lies ahead.

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