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Minnesota Vikings Game by Game Prediction

GA Skol’s Season Preview

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

There are a lot of huge questions leading into this year.

How well does the DL look? On paper it looks fantastic at 3 of the 4 starting spots.

How well does the OL come together? I don’t like the C or LT spots. RG is questionable too.

TE looks to be a mess. LB might be too depending on Barr’s health.

Do the vet DBs improve our pass defense? They will, but by how much? Is Patrick Peterson done or does the change of scenery help?

This year I feel like a prediction is not easy with all those outstanding questions. There has been a lot of turnover with some returning players after missing a lot of time. Last year I predicted 6-10 and got close with a 7-9 finish. I generally am more pessimistic these days than optimistic. I was preparing to write a positive 12-5 prediction a few weeks back, but the closer the season gets, the more I feel a sense of impending doom, but I might be over-reacting to a bad preseason. I think Zim, Kirk and Rick all have their Minnesota futures wrapped up in this year. Kirk has proven he can play well when he’s trying to get that next contract. Strong seasons in Washington got him back to back franchise tags. A strong season in 2019 got him, Zim and Rick extensions. I think we might see a repeat of 2019.

Week 1 - Vikings @ Bengals - Noon CST - WIN 1-0

I think the Vikes start off with a win. I think Joe Burrow’s first game back is a tough ask for the youngster. I will predict a fairly easy win. Vikes 27 - Bengals 16

Week 2 - Vikings @ Cardinals - 3:05 CST - WIN 2-0

This is an early game that can change a season. Zim’s defenses seem to have some trouble with mobile QBs. I just don’t think the Cardinals have the defense and I think Murray is too mistake prone. Vikes 30 - Cardinals 27

Week 3 - Seahawks @ Vikings 3:25 CST - LOSS 2-1

Wilson is better than Murray. Wilson won’t make the mistakes to lose the game and I don’t think the Vikes will be able to repeat a strong performance like they had last year. I could see a win here, but I can’t predict it. Vikes 17 - Seahawks 20

Week 4 - Browns @ Vikings Noon CST - LOSS 2-2

I think the Browns are going to be really good. They have been improving for a long time and finally put a nice season together last year. Baker will have Beckham back in action. I think it is too much for our newly put together secondary. Vikes 20 - Browns 26

Week 5 - Lions @ Vikings Noon CST - WIN 3-2

Lions and Texans will fight for the #1 pick. Should be an easy win, it’ll stay closer than it should be, but the Vikes run away with it in the end. Vikes 27 - Lions 10

Week 6 - Vikings @ Panthers Noon CST - WIN 4-2

This has more to do with my lack of trust in Sam Darnold than my confidence in the Vikes. I just don’t think Sam is very good. Our defense will focus in on McCaffrey and shut down the Panther offense. Vikes 24 - Panthers 13

Week 7 - BYE - we all get excited because the Vikes are 4-2 and in the Top 10 Power Rankings

Week 8 - Cowboys @ Vikings 7:20 CST Sunday Night Football WIN 5-2

This should be a close one if Dak truly is healthy. Very similar teams, but I think the Vikes defense will be stronger. That home field advantage comes through. I know it is a primetime game, but we can’t lose them all can we? We’ll lose the other 3. Vikes 23 - ‘Boys 20

Week 9 - Vikings @ Ravens Noon CST LOSS 5-3

This will be one of those Lamar games where he has 200+ yards passing and 100+ yards rushing. I don’t see our defense stopping the Raven’s potent offense. Vikes 24 - Ravens 31

Week 10 - Vikings @ Chargers 3:05 CST WIN 6-3

The Charges have the best young QB in the league. I don’t think they have the best team though. Chargers will be good, but this will be one of those wins Kirk pulls through and he’ll get some people excited. Vikes 27 - Chargers 24

Week 11 - Packers @ Vikings Noon CST WIN 7-3

I think we split the season series again with GB. I don’t think GB is as good as they were last year. A A Ron has been distracted this offseason and Adams seems to be ready to move on as well. These games always seem to be close unless the Vikes get blown out. Vikes 20 - Pack 17

Week 12 - Vikings @ 49ers 3:25 CST WIN 8-3

I don’t trust either of the 49ers QBs. Their team is good, but nothing like the team that went to the Super Bowl a few years back. Jimmy G is out of magic and Trey Lance isn’t ready to lead a NFL Team. Vikes 26 - 9ers 17

Week 13 - Vikings @ Lions Noon CST WIN 9-3

This should be an easy win, but on the road the Vikes will start slow. An early turnover and a slow start from the offense leads to some easy scores for Detroit. Vikes come back in the end. Vikes 20 - Lions 17

Week 14 - Steelers @ Vikings 7:20 CST Thursday Night Football LOSS 9-4

This is another one I could see a win, but won’t predict it. It’s a home game against a team that is good, but not great. However, it is Thursday Night and everyone is watching. Not expecting good things to happen. Vikes have a chance to tie it up late and end up with a turnover. Vikes 13 - Steelers 27

Week 15 - Vikings @ Bears 7:15 PM CST Monday Night Footballs LOSS 9-5

The Vikes rarely win in Chicago. MNF in Chicago, forget about it. The Red Rocket beat MN last year too. Vikes 21 - Bears 27

Week 16 - Rams @ Vikings Noon CST LOSS 9-6

I am not sold on Stafford, but I think the Rams are a good team. They are well coached and will have the CBs to match up against the Vikes WRs. Defensive battle. The Minnesota faithful are panicking. Vikes 13 - Rams 17

Week 17 - Vikings @ Packers 7:20 CST Sunday Night Football LOSS 9-7

Sweep against GB? I don’t see it. It is possible if the drama rips apart the Packers, but I don’t see that fully happening. Another close one with the Pack. Vikes 23 - Pack 24

Week 18 - Bears @ Vikings Noon CST WIN 10-7

This will be the one the Kirk fans point to. When the team needs a win to get in Kirk will deliver it. No one is watching at Noon CST and he will come through. Also, I think the Bears are playing Fields at this point and don’t think he is ready to lead a team either. Vikes 27 - Bears 12

There you have it. 10-7 is my prediction. I don’t think anyone in the NFCN is great. I could see the Pack going 11-6, Vikes 10-7, Bears 8-9 and Lions 4-13. Wild Card Game might be against GB. I predict the team does just enough to get an extension in the offseason for the trio (Kirk, Zim and Rick). I could easily see a couple of bounces going the Vikings’ way and getting a few extra wins to get to 12-5. I also could see the opposite and they lose against Arizona, Carolina, Dallas, LA Chargers and San Francisco to get to 5-12. It should be an interesting season and a hard one to predict.