Vikings 2021 Depth Chart - colored by way of draft pick

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Wanted to share this with you guys, because it seemed to get some interest elsewhere.

Lastly, you're all invited to play Pick 6 (for a chance to win a free Vikings ticket to a home game of your choice for the 2022 season):

Each week, you'll find the appropriate thread and post your picks. Your six picks will consist of the following:

Game 1: Lock of the Week. - 1pt

Game 2 : Divisional Matchup - 2pts

Game 3 : Upset Special - 3pts

Game 4 : Wildcard - 1pt

Game 5: Highest-Combined Score - 3pts

Game 6: Gamble Pick - +/- 2 pts

Max weekly score - 12pts

Full details here at the Pick 6 Intro thread. The more, the merrier!

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