Game 1 Preview (OK, My Thoughts Only)

Finally, we have football that matters. And for us Viking fans, it matters a lot. I have never seen us go into a season with so much uncertainty in the fan base. Does that uncertainty extent to the play on the field? Who knows.

We face a Cincy team that was pretty bad last year, but had glimpses of potential. They have remade the offensive line and defense, and those units needed a make-over. They also lost their Franchise Future last season and he is back, but doe she have some cobwebs to shake off?

Why we will lose:

1. The Vikings tend to come out flat early in the year. Kirk is 3-7-1 in Septembers, we can't afford that in 2021

2. We tend to play down to our opponents and lose a lot of games we should win.

3. Our starters saw little to no action i the preseason, will the be ready to play as a unit?

4. Joe Burrow is a dynamic QB, and his ability to run and make plays will show us he is 100% back after the injury

Why we will win

1. We are a better team along most positions with our starters

2. The team, and players, will feel it has something to prove (Hunter, Pierce, Barr (if he plays)

3. The new offensive coordinator will get the most out of his weapons

4. The "D" is back

We don't find out until Sunday which scenario will hold true, but in order to win we must:

  • Come out ready to play. This is on Zimmer, and not one of his strengths. If we come out flat, it will be a long afternoon
  • Execute on offense. While we did not see the starting offensive unit play together in the preseason, they must be able to execute "near-flawlessly". We can't afford the mid-reads, poor routes, missed blocks etc.
  • Open the playbook a bit, on offense and defense. No vanilla football. We have weapons on both sides of the ball, lets use them
  • Contain Joe Burrow. He is the key the Bengals winning. IF we contain him, we win
I am a "glass half full" person, but when all the teams are sitting tied for first, I am a glass if totally full and ready to drink the purple kool-aid, with a shot of vodka. I look for us to come out and play like we did a few years ago in our opener against the falcons (Ok, that one was at home). I see a win by two or more scores.

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