What i think may have happened.

Ok, we all know that i have not been a fan of zimmer for a few years, and rick for even longer. That said....they seemed like they worked well together until about 2018.

I have zero evidence of anything. However, it seemed odd that spielman could not draft hardly anyone before zim got here. Yeah, he did draft a few defensive guys with the help of frazier. But even then, the good defensive picks were few and far between. And the offense? Well, he wasnt exactly hitting that out of the park in 2012 or 2013.

But, he hires zimmer and all of a sudden, spielman is drafting defense,, very decently.

But then, spielman got rid of teddy. Zimmer did not like that. And all of a sudden, spielman isnt drafting d players very well anymore.

Hmm. Then we find out that Teddys replacement, going into year 4 had never watched film with the supposed defensive guru. And when they finally do, it was because the qb initiated it....not because the hc was trying to, you know, actually coach.

So, i think zim got butt hurt and basically turned on rick. Rick has ego of bis own and basically shafted zim in retaliation.

P.S. i would like to hear what Scott Studwell has to say. Did anyone else get the feeling that his retirement was not his choice.

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