NFL Week 18 Recap: Nobody's Home

What does one even say when talking about a meaningless game such as this? This was the perfect game to play the rookies and get some idea on what you had for the future, so I guess it makes perfect sense that the guy who wasn't going to be around for the future didn't bother to care.

Winning this game cost us two positions in the draft, going from 10th to 12th. Now, that doesn't seem like much, but the point difference if the equivalent of the 100th pick, which would normally be the 4th pick in the 4th round, but when compensatory picks are added, it'd be a late 3rd.

The first half Vikings, and the second half Vikings, were two completely different teams. The Bears looked like a competent team, until we finally decided to play football, at which point we kicked the shit out of them. It wasn't even really close.

We did play 1 rookie, who actually contributed in a meaningful way: Ihmir Smith-Marsette. He finally got some playing time today and got some passes thrown his way, including a 44-yard bomb for a TD. I thought, when we drafted him, that he was going to be our long ball target, as that was what he was good at, but he never seemed to get any playing time earlier in the year, as that went to Dede Westbrook. I'm glad that for Sunday's game, Zimmer at least allowed one of our offensive rookies to play, as we saw some promising things from him.

Now, onto what is easily the more important news from this week: Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman were fired on Monday. The firing of Mike Zimmer was not surprising in the slightest, but the outright firing of Spielman was. I, along with quite a lot of other people, expected the Vikings to retain Spielman in some role, whether that be GM or some new title. Although, I'm ultimately happy that he was fired. This means that we'll be able to start over fresh, as opposed to still going in the same direction as before.

I expect that we'll probably have a guy sometime next week, and then a HC a week or two after that. For the first time since 2014, we'll be waiting to see what the philosophy of the new coach will be, and for the first time since Spielman took over, we'll see what the new GM's philosophy is, and hopefully, they are good philosophies.


NFL Week 18 Predictions:

  • Week 18: 9-7
  • Revised Predictions: 2-2

Notable Games:

Steelers vs Ravens

Somehow, someway, the Steelers made the playoffs. The Ravens had been missing their starting QB for weeks, and the Steelers eeked out a victory against them, effectively locking themselves a spot in the playoffs, barring a tie in the Raiders-Chargers game. They are probably the worst team in the playoffs, and their first test is against the Chiefs, who will more than likely curb-stomp them like they did a few weeks ago.

Chargers vs Raiders

This game almost ended in a magically way. Had both teams tied, they both would've gone to the playoffs, leaving the Steelers just on the outside. We were so close to perfection, but Daniel Carlson had to win the game, and now the Chargers, who are an infinitely better team than the Steelers, have to wait another year.

49ers vs Rams

I'm happy the 49ers won this game, as the Saints won their game, and therefore would've made the playoffs had the 49ers lost. Anytime the Saints can be on the outside looking in, the better.

Lions vs Packers

The Lions beat the Packers. And not only did they beat the Packers, they beat the starters too. The starters played the 1st half, and at halftime, the Lions were up 17-13. The Lions are a 3-win team that shoul actually be a 6 or 7 win team. I'm expecting that next year, they'll be more competitive.


Now, at the time I made my predictions, I also put down what I had the divisions and playoffs looking like.


As we can see, I was rather wrong. Our of the 7 playoff teams, I correctly predicted 4 of them, and none of them were in the correct seed. The only teams record I got perfect, with correct seeding, was the Colts at 9-8, as the 8th seed.


Just like with the AFC, I only correctly predicted 4 teams out of 7, with no correct seeding. I got three team records right: Rams, Panthers and Saints, however, all of their seeding was different than what I predicted.

Now, I also went and made predictions for the post-season. However, all of them are impossible, due to what I had throughout the season. Every week has teams facing teams that aren't in the playoffs, so it's impossible for me to have any correct post-season predictions, so:

  • 2021-2022 Post Season Predictions: 0-13
With that said, the revised predictions will be my weekly playoff preidctions. So,
This is what I had predicted the Wild-card week looking like back at the beginning of September.