Minnesota's Own Monti Ossenfort for Next Vikings GM?

The Minnesota Vikings cleaned house after two consecutive disappointing seasons, firing both their coach (Mike Zimmer) and General Manager (Rick Spielman) after long tenures with the team.

Team owners have said they will hire a GM first, who will have say on who is to be the next head coach for the Vikes. Trouble is, lots of other teams are in the same boat as they are, with many of them already getting a jump after firing coaches and GMs weeks, even months ago.

A general manager is often linked to their head coach from previous gigs, and familiarity brings a certain level of comfort. That often blinds a team from hiring the best candidate, and a lot of times limits minorities from getting a fair shake.

Some of the best hires are thinking outside the organization, or in the case of the Vikings from the past couple years, just looking outside their immediate family! Nepotism has run rampant in Vikings HQ lately, with Adam Zimmer, Klint Kubiak, and AC Patterson all sons of current/recent head coaches or coordinators on the team.

Insiders have floated a few of the normal general manager candidates with names familiar to NFL fans, and a couple that are new to this year's hiring cycle. One of the familiar names to Daily Norseman readers is long-time Viking exec, Rob Brzezinski, the cap manager who somehow via magic kept signing big names when it appeared our Purple had no money to do so this past Summer. He also was involved with Spielman on draft day. Take that as a plus or minus.

Will McClay, whom I'm interested in, is VP of player personnel with the Cowboys, and if hired here could be interested in hiring Dallas' up and coming offensive coordinator, Kellen Moore, to be the next head coach. Want a switch to an offensive-minded, young coach in touch with today's players? Kellen is high on that list with many suitors.

The one eye-opener on the list is 1996 Luverne, MN High School graduate - Monti Ossenfort. Monti went on to also start as quarterback for two years in college at Minnesota-Morris, before interning with the Minnesota Vikings in 2004.

He bounced around, getting his feet wet as a scout, before landing with the New England Patriots scouting department, rising to the Director of College Scouting and winning four Super Bowl rings with the Patriots.

He recently left New England to become the Director of Player Personnel with the Tennessee Titans. In 2018, the Houston Texans were interested in interviewing Ossenfort for their GM opening, but New England blocked the move since they were still in the playoffs.

A new rule now in effect gives teams hiring GMs and head coaches a short window to interview candidates working for teams in the playoffs (as the Titans are) for openings that would be a promotion. Becoming General Manager would be a HUGE step up for Ossenfort. Homegrown Minnesotan making hiring and draft decisions for his childhood team? Instant win.

Better get on the stick Wilfs, because Ossenfort has already interviewed once for the Carolina Panthers' GM job, has an interview lined up for the New York Giants, and a second one for the Panthers this week ALONE. Others have seen his work helping New England constantly score in the draft while usually doing so from the bottom of each round.

One wrinkle to add. If Monti were to be hired as a GM, he could be interested in asking old work friend Josh McDaniels - the New England Offensive Coordinator - to possibly come aboard as head coach. McDaniel is a hot commodity, but often rumored to one day take over the reins from Bill Belichick, whenever he decides to retire.

Trouble is, he jilted the Indianapolis Colts at the altar days after taking the head coaching job, spurning them to return to Foxborough. But maybe Ossenfort has enough of a relationship to get him to say, "I do." Are Vikings fans interested in McDaniels, or is he another just a byproduct of Belichick's success?

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