Vikings GM Search

Okay, just to get it out of the way, I don't know a thing about any of the people that have already had an interview request, simply because most front office people - aside from GMs - are pretty much the "invisible hand" behind most pro football teams.

That being said, I do see some patterns developing -

1) young (some seemingly too young but I get that the Wilfs want a long term hire),

2) they either come from one of two "trees" - the "football guys" (i.e., scouts/player personnel types), and the "business guys" - (a/k/a analytics gurus, MBA's/ lawyers), and

3) looks like heavy concentration on a couple of organizations (Browns, Eagles)

I have no idea why the Vikings would want to mimic the Browns? They've been a revolving door for QB's for years and pretty much a dumpster fire until very recently, despite a bevy of high first round picks. The Eagles - kinda "one and done"? But as I said at the beginning I'm willing to admit my ignorance as to front office types -

Does anybody else have a handle on what the Vikings are looking for? More importantly, does any of these people have some kind of past history of being "draft gurus"/ "wheeler dealers" / "cap wizards" or something of that ilk? After all, the biggest responsibility of a GM is to identify and bring in the best possible players - anyone stand out?

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