Looking For Concrete Information

I've been scouring the web concerning the Vikings' GM search, and what I see over and over is that "Candidate A spent X years at Y organization with Z title". That's all great and wonderful and by this measure, most of the candidate have impressive resumes. But it really doesn't tell me a thing.

I think that what all of us can agree on is that if we, the fans, really care about one thing - Hiring a GM that will make the Vikings a WINNER, as in a perennial contender. That's the bottom line. And I don't think anyone really gives a rip whether that person is old, young, black, white, male, female, trendy, conservative or what - just a WINNER.

The thing is, these endless articles about resumes don't tell me thing about what any of these candidates have specifically DONE that has helped their organization produce WINNERS. I understand that this is a tough thing to pinpoint because front office types often toil in anonymity.

Nevertheless, I'm writing to ask fellow DN'ers - have any of you run across any information on any of these candidates along the lines ACTUAL ACHIEVEMENTS such as "he had input in the 20__ draft class which included A, B and C" or "he designed the offense for Team Y that won 12 games last season" or some other CONCRETE thing they have done by which to measure these candidates in terms of HOW COULD THEY MAKE THE VIKINGS WINNERS?

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