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SB Nation Reacts: Ch-ch-changes

A new era brings with it new faith

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

We’re nearly a week into the post-Spielman/Zimmer era with the Minnesota Vikings, and the news that we received about a new beginning on Monday appears to have translated into a new level of confidence in the direction of the team, according to the results of our SB Nation Reacts survey.

Following the news that the Vikings would be looking for a new head coach and a new general manager, a majority of purple fans. . .56%, to be exact, are now confident in the direction of the team. That’s the highest that confidence has been since Week 12, when the number climbed to 59% following the Vikings’ victory over Green Bay.

Here’s the full breakdown of how things have gone this season for our Reacts results.

  • Post-2021 NFL Draft: 96%
  • Week 1: 61%
  • Week 2: 34%
  • Week 3: 38%
  • Week 4: 76%
  • Week 5: 14%
  • Week 6: 24%
  • Week 7: 36%
  • Week 8: 54%
  • Week 9: 2%
  • Week 10: 5%
  • Week 11: 21%
  • Week 12: 59%
  • Week 13: 14%
  • Week 14: 3%
  • Week 15: 13%
  • Week 16: 15%
  • Week 17: 0%
  • Week 18: 9%
  • Wild Card Weekend: 56%

It appears that the Vikings’ decision to move in a new direction has taken away a bit of the gloom that this team has been surrounded by for the past few weeks as hope of the post-season slipped away and reality started to set in. We don’t know which direction the team is going to take at this point, but it’s definitely going to be exciting to find out.

The Vikings made an appearance in one of the national Reacts questions for this week as well, as fans across the NFL were asked which of the NFL’s head coaching openings was the most desirable.

The Vikings came in as the second-best head coaching opening in the eyes of the fans, trailing only the Miami Dolphins. I’m not sure why the Dolphins’ job would be more desirable than the Vikings’ spot, but a lot of people appear to think that it is.

Those are our SB Nation Reacts results for this week, folks. We’ll have more of these throughout the post-season and on towards the offseason.

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