VIKINGS: What would you do about the Kirk Cousins situation?

GM: That all depends upon Kirk Cousins. Look, Cousins isn't a bad QB. He has his limitations (runs like a girl with her girdle slipping, not good with D-linemen bearing down on him) - BUT - give him a clean pocket (and the right plays called) and he will absolutely pick a defense apart. So, he's said he wants to stay in Minnesota - time to put up or shut up. The greats, like Brady, know it's damned hard to build a contender with the QB sucking up all of the cap space and they take a discount in exchange for a chance at a ring. Offer to extend him for 3 years at $20M/yr. If he takes it, you still get cap relief you can use on interior o-line and defense. If not, trade him. I think you can get enough draft ammo and cap relief to either move up for a QB, or rebuild the o-line and defense and roll with Mond for a year and see how he does, then look for QBOTF in 2023.

VIKINGS: What other possible moves would you make to cure the Vikings cap ills?

GM: First, I'd trade Cook. He's an AWWESOME running back, BUT - 1) Shelf life of RB's is short, and his max trade value is NOW, 2) You have two great backups in Mattison and Nwaganu on the cheap. Use the draft capital (I'd want at least a 3rd or maybe even a 2nd round pick) and cap savings to shore up the Defense and O-lines. Second - going to have to let at least 6 out of 11 defensive starters walk. I'd keep Kendricks, Richardson, Dantzler, Peterson, Hunter, and Smith for sure. Everyone else - negotiable. Id even trade Hunter if there was an "offer you can't refuse" kind of offer. Offense - keep Thielen (maybe rework contract), JJ, K.J. Osborne, Mattison, Ham, O'Neil, Cleveland, Darrisaw and either Irv Smith or Conklin (maybe both if new HC wants to run a lot of 2 TE sets). Everyone else, negotiable.

VIKINGS: What is your draft philosophy?

GM: Go get the best player possible that fits a need. No more of this trading down for 2 dozen 7th round picks nonsense. PICKS aren't "valuable" - PLAYERS are. More specifically, players that will contribute on the field are valuable - camp bodies aren't. A half dozen 6th and 7th rounders AREN'T the same as a 1st rounder. Listen to what the HC wants/needs and get it for him.

VIKINGS: What would you look for in a HC?

GM: Three things - a) the ability to communicate with and develop players (INCLUDING ROOKIES!), b) an innovative football mind in touch with the current NFL trends - NOT WED TO A PARTICULAR "Philosophy", c) Most importantly, an AGGRESSIVE, WINNING mentality - meaning, no more run, run, dump off pass predictable offense - go for the throat. If we do lose a game, do it by going all out to win, not in a shell trying to "protect" something. And whatever pages of the defensive playbook are marked "prevent defense" get ripped out and BURNED. Historically, Vikings were raiders. They were the wolves of the sea. There is even a prayer from the 12th century that goes, "Lord save us from the fury of the Northmen". Above all else, I want a HC that will motivate the Vikings play with FURY from kickoff to closing gun.

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