Cousins Trade Value

Interesting article came out yesterday.

A lot of people here on DN are pretty low on Cousins' trade value. The more I think/ read about it, the more I think that we are undervaluing his trade value around here.

There aren't a lot of good free agents available. Probably Teddy, Mariota, Winston, maybe Fitzmagic and Alex Smith. None of them are particularly talented, and are mostly high level backups. Fitz/ Smith have injury concerns.

Trade options are probably at most Carr, Lock, Wilson*, Rodgers*, Minshew, JimmyG*. I don't see Watson's legal problems being resolved by April. 23 sexual assault suits is going to take a lot of litigating.

*Wilson has a no-trade clause and has limited destinations he would approve. Apparently that list is the Saints, Giants, and Broncos.

*Rodgers does not have a no-trade clause, but he's coming off another MVP season. He may run it back with GB, retire, or ask to be traded. I could absolutely see him retiring if they win the SB. Go out on the high note. If he doesn't retire, it would cost a LOT for GB to trade him.

*JimmyG probably gets traded for a very late pick or gets cut and pursued as a FA. SF has no leverage, they spent a fortune on Lance, and JimmyG has a contract they can easily get out of.

I'm not looking to discuss whether we SHOULD or SHOULD NOT trade Cousins. Leave that dead horse outside. What do you think is the VALUE for Cousins IF he's traded?

For me, if we're going to trade him, I'd rather make sure we net a future first. I think the QB options next season look a lot better than they do in this draft. I think the floor of any trade is a combo of a 1st and 2nd round pick over the next two years. Maybe throw in a young player as well.

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