2022 Off-Season Predictions

Back before the season, I started making predictions and keeping track of them. I revisited them about halfway through the season just to see how I've done on them so far, and if I recall correctly, it wasn't very good. I also added some predictions mid-way through the season, and now that the season is over, let's see how many predictions I got wrong, right, or that are even left.


Klint Kubiak Will Be The Offensive Coordinator

He seems like he's going to be a one-and-done as the Vikings OC, but he has recieved interviews to be another teams OC (Panthers, I believe). I don't know why anybody would want to get one Kubiak Jr's wild ride, but I guess if you are that desperate, it doesn't really matter.

Cut Riley Reiff

This was a take that I got lambasted for, saying that because they waited to the 11th hour to force Reiff into a pay cut, that he was 100% willing to walk out if somebody were willing to offer him a job. However, due to the pandemic, teams weren't interested in a lengthy process that came from everyone told me that the team just wouldn't cut their starting LT without a clear plan, and that he'd take an extension. I argued that he wouldn't want to do business with the same people that cost him literal millions of dollars, and it turns out I was right, which doesn't happen very often. After leaving the Vikings, he got signed to the Bengals, posted a 67.3 PFF Grade, and will be facing the Titans this Saturday in the Divisional Round. In his stead, we took Christian Darrisaw, who posted a 71.8 PFF Grade. It's only been a year, but so far, Darrisaw was an improvement.

Cut Shamar Stephen

I never saw the appeal of Stephen, and with how much he was supposed to get ($5 million) and how much we could get back (~$3.3 Million) from cutting him, it was a rather simple outcome.

The Vikings will draft a QB before round 4

I was hoping they'd draft a QB in round 1, but when we passed on Mac Jones, I knew that we weren't going to have another shot until maybe the 3rd quarter. A considerable drop-off in quality after Jones (#15) as the next guy up was Kyle Trask (#64), with Mond (#66) and Mills (#67) going soon after and another drop-off happened, with the next guy drafted being Ian Book (#133). I look at those top 8 (9 if you want to count Book), and the top 8 of this draft and I don't see that large drop off in talent. It's just a lot of guys all around the same level of talent, that will all more than likely be gone by then end of the 2nd round.

3 Starters will be forced to sit out of a single game due to Covid Exposure and/or catching the disease

I was surprised that we didn't have a large breakout considering all the people who forewent the vaccine, and how other teams were getting hit with it, we still hadn't hit the prediction all the way up to the Packers Away game. And then Kirk Cousins got Covid and had to sit out that important game, which made this predictions correct.

The Wilfs won't fire either Zimmer or Spielman during this next regular season.

It seemed that for a brief moment, there was a chance that Zimmer could get fired in the middle of the season, but that never came to pass. What I was more surprised by was that Spielman was let go as soon as Monday at sometime around 8 in the morning.


Trade Kyle Rudolph (was Cut)

Close, but no cigar.

The NFL Salary Cap will be $180 Mil (Is 182.5 Mil)

No cigar once more.

The Vikings will not have over $30 mil in cap space at any point this offseason.

It was for the briefest of moments but still counts.

Extend Kirk Cousins (2021 Offseason)

Thank god.

The Vikings Will Select A Defensive Player With A 1st Round Pick

We desperately needed an O-Linemen and there was legitimate concern that, as always, the team was going to neglect the O-Line and go for a "cheaper" player in the draft (Capital wise). And that's exactly what it looked like, as we traded back with 2 very good talents before us in Vera-Tucker and Darrisaw. Vera-Tucker went to the Jets with the pick they traded up to get (ours), and Darrisaw miraculously fell to us (Thank you Raiders for taking Leatherwood). I genuinely wonder who the Vikings were going to pick, because I highly doubt they thought he'd fall so far, and when he did, they had to take him.

The Vikings Will Not Draft A Offensive Lineman Until After Pick #50

As explained above, if they hadn't taken a guy at #22, we didn't have another pick until #66, so unless we traded back up to get one, this prediction (and the other one as well) were looking like they'd be sure fire things. Luckily for the Vikings, Darrisaw was still there, and he looks very good.

The Vikings will not sign a Tackle once they cut Reiff, instead moving Cleveland to his natural position. *Parlay

This was a true prediction up until the last part, as Cleveland stayed at LG (where he did very well) and we drafted Darrisaw, but had Rashod Hill start.

The Vikings will not draft a CB until round 4

Now, this one is very debateable, but I'm being fair and leaving it here. We only drafted 1 defensive back, Cam Bynum, and he's listed on the Wikipedia page of the draft as a CB, and he was taken in the 4th round. Sounds like a true predictions, right? Well, he's listed as a Safety by the Vikings when they drafted him, so while he might've been a CB in college, he was drafted as a Safety, not a CB, and since no other CB was drafted, it's a failed prediction.

The Vikings will make 4 trades during the draft

Shockingly, we only made the one trade, and to be honest, it worked out better than anybody could've expected when it was made. We traded the #14 pick for Christian Darrisaw, Kellen Mond and Wyatt Davis. Sounded like a slam dunk trade, but we never got to see Davis or Mond in any meaningful capacity. Darrisaw, we've talked about and he probably should've been the guy we took at #14, so to get him at #22, along with the other two, it's still a good trade in my opinion.

The Starting O-Line will be Darrisaw-Davis-Bradbury-Cleveland-O'Neil.

Well, 4/5ths doesn't count. Based on what I heard, this was the idea, bu Davis was severely out of shape and Darrisaw was just getting over an injury. Cleveland moved to LG and did very well.

Extend Harrison Smith (2021 Offseason)

Another predictions you might look at and wonder why it's in the 'incorrect' category. Well, he was extended in the pre-season. The offseason had ended, and since he wasn't extended in the off-season, it's a failed prediction.

The Vikings will be the first team Justin Fields faces, whether it be as a starter or coming in later in the game.

Should've expected the Bears to be a dumpster fire and have them throw Fields to the wolves well before he was ready.

The Vikings Will Not Have Over 7 Wins Next Season

They just barely squeaked by and got 8 wins, in what was one of the most lack-luster and unlikeable Vikings campaigns in recent memory.

Kellen Mond will play, and win, at least 1 game this year (Must start a game to get the win).

Well, he played in a game, but he was never given an opportunity to start a game. Therefore, prediction failed.

Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen will both have over 1,000 yards and 5 TD's.

Welp, they both passed the TD requirements, but Thielen only got 726 yards, while Jefferson got 1,616 yards.

When the O-Line rankings come out for the Vikings, our O-Line will be ranking in the upper half of the league.

Well, they improved from 25th to 23rd, but they missed the upper half by 7 spots.

The Vikings will sack Jordan Love at least 10 times over the course of the season.

Never even really had a chance to be honest. And, I'm beginning to think that it won't happen anytime soon, as Rodgers will more than likely stay.

Ihmir Smith-Marsette will score at least 3 TD's of over 30 yards by the end of the season.

He finally got an opportunity to perform and he did a good job, getting 3 passes and getting over 100 yards. Throughout the season, he only got 1 TD of over 30 yards, which sucks because it was easy to see that the guy had talent. We just failed to use him in a way that reflects his talent.

Kirk Cousins will have his best statistical season and be traded away in the 2022 off-season to an AFC Team

Due to this year not being his best statistical season, the predictions ends prematurely. IN case you were wondering what I was going off of, I was using Completion %, Yards, and TD/INT. In all except TD/INT, there are other season where he did better.

The Minnesota Vikings will finish the season in 3rd place of the NFC North

And they were destined to hold onto it for quite some time. 2 games over the Bears, the VIkings secured 2nd place in the NFC North.

In Progress:

The Super Bowl Match-up will be the Packers vs Chiefs, and the Chiefs will win.

I think these are the top two teams in the league right now, with the Bills being #3.

------------------------------------- End Of 2021 Predictions/ Beginning of 2022 Predictions --------------------------------

In Progress:

With a pick in the top 16, the Minnesota Vikings will draft a QB

With the firing of Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer, and a whole new regime coming, in, one has to wonder what fate awaits the QB position. I firmly expect that the Vikings will move on from Kirk, whether it be in a trade this offseason, or at the end of the 2022 season. I also firmly believe that any new coach will come in and want to get 'their guy' at QB.

The Minnesota Vikings will draft, sign or trade for a new starting Center

Bradbury was the 2nd worst player on the O-Line through the year, and I just don't see how any new coach will allow a weak link such as him to be on the line. There are a few good Guards in this draft, and a handful of quality FA Centers that we could get to 'fix' the offensive line. We have 3 solid pieces to our line, and two very obvious weak links. We could get starters from FA for both, or just roll with Bradbury another year and get a guard, but I just don't see that happening.

Between the years 2024 and 2027, the Minnesota Vikings will play in the Super Bowl

This would cover the 24-25, 25-26, 26-27 seasons, while also capturing the last two months of the 23-24 season. I don't believe this team will take long to rebuild. It has the talent, it just needs a good hand to steer the ship, and if they can get some more, they'll be even more poised. This window would also coincide with the ending or mid-point of a rookie QB's contract, meaning more money to spread around the team. If they can find that franchise QB that can lead this team with fire and vigor, I firmly believe that this team will reach the promised land.

New Predictions:

The Minnesota Vikings will hire an Offensive Minded Head Coach

This one should be a gimme, but there is a chance that the Vikings will move towards defense.

Kirk Cousins will be traded to an AFC Team for at least a 1st

There are people who believe that Kirk Cousins isn't worth a 1st, or even a 3rd, and I don't agree with that. Kirk Cousins is a fantastic passer but just seems to lack something that puts him up there with the best, and at the age he is, it's not something that's just going to click in his mind. He is who he is:: a QB that won't make you team worst, but won't make it better. For teams that are already on the cusp of a run, like the Steelers who are in good position but need a QB, a QB like Kirk as a short 2/3 year guy would work. We were in that position in 2018, but just couldn't capitalize on it. Teams will take chances on him, and the Vikings have an opportunity to exact some leverage, retaining some of his salary. I just think it's time to move on and start anew, fully.

Kellen Mond Will Not Be The Starter in 2022

I think we'll move off from Kirk, draft a QB in this draft class and bring in a transitional QB to allow Mond and the rookie to develop and learn the scheme,

The Minnesota Vikings will not trade away any draft picks

Whether it be during the draft or in the lead-up to it, the Vikings will not send away one of their picks under any circumstance.

Danielle Hunter Will Be Traded.

To who, and for what, I don't know. I just don't see the Vikings giving him a huge contract after him getting consecutive season-ending injuries. We should try to shop him around and get something for him.

Alexander Mattison and Kene Nwangu will be the #1 and #2 on the depth chart respectively.

I think Dalvin Cook is a great RB, but it's time to move on. He costs more than he's worth, and I think having a RB by committee is more beneficial. I don't think we'd cut him, but I do think we'd trade Dalvin Cook for whatever we could get, with the Bills being the prime candidate.


My prediction record for the 2021 Season is 6/26 (.231). At least I'm above the Mendoza Line!

With a the new year come new predictions, of which I already have 9 and the offseason hasn't even started yet.

If you have any predictions that you'd like to share, post them below and I'll keep track of them. Make sure that they are quantifiable, and from now on, there will be no 'If's' in the predictions, unless it is part of a parlay.


This section is for commenter predictions.



The Vikings will draft a OL at #14

Cousins will get Cut or Extended (Incorrect)

Vikings will have 9+ wins next year

Vikes beat the Packers twice this year and 3 times if we meet in the playoffs.

Prediction Record: 0/4 (.000)




The Vikings will draft a DL in the 3rd


The Vikings will draft a OT tackle at 14

The Vikings will draft Ben Cleveland in the 4th

The Vikes will have 2 starting gourds named Cleveland

Prediction Record: 1/4 (.250)




I think they (Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson) will be over 1,000 yards each and, going a bit out on a limb, 10 or more TD's each.

Assuming we don't suffer a rash of injuries, either in one or two units, across either side of the ball or across the team, I've already mentioned that our floor is 10 wins (Yikes).


Mond only gets a start if we're in or out of the playoffs and looking to rest our starters

I'm not sure what to consider this one, so I'll let you all decide.

Prediction Record: 0/2




The Minnesota Vikings will go 4-10 and then win their last 3 games, finishing at 7-10

The Minnesota Vikings will go from having a top 8 pick (After the first 14 games) to 15 or 16 spot in the draft (End Of Season).

Prediction Record: 0/2


Mpls Nick



1) After this season, Zimmer will be fired, Cousins will be traded, and Spielman will select a new HC.

In Progress:

2) The 2022 draft will see the Vikings take CB, LB, C on the first two days, not necessarily in that order.

3) The Minnesota Vikings will draft a QB if they trade Kirk Cousins.

4) Neither Harrison Smith nor Adam Thielen will be playing for the Vikings in the 2023-2024 season.

5) The Vikings will be at or under .500 next year, then make it to the SB in 2023/24. There they will meet the similarly Super Bowl winless Bills in a something's-gotta-give bowl where one of these teams finally takes home the Lombardi.

6) Obviously, that will be Buffalo.

Prediction Record: 0/1




1) The Vikings will fire Mike Zimmer


2) The Vikings will retain Rick Spielman

In Progress:

3) The Vikings will not give Kirk a contract extension

4) The Vikings new HC will be Kellen Moore

5) Wyatt Davis will be a starting guard for the Vikings for the 1st game of the regular season in Sept.

Prediction Record: 1/2


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