Ok I'll admit it with the Vikes out of it-- I'm rooting for the Packers

Look man, I'm a life long Viking fan since 72 hell maybe even 71. Nobody in my family gave a crap about football and somehow, even though I live on the east coast, to my ultimate demise I got hooked on these crazy looking horned purple Viking guys with the snow falling all around them and some crazy guy named Fran running for his life on offense and these crazy purple people eaters creating chaos and misery for the other team on D. As such I've had my little heart ripped out multiple times over the decades, but mostly by the Cowboys on the original Hail mary play in which Pearson committed a blasphemous pushoff, the Steelers, Raiders, & Miami in the super bowls...too young for the Chiefs to have ripped out my heart but I suspect they messed with my spleen a bit........Anyway, I feel guilty about this, but I now find myself rooting for the Pack to win it all. Part of this may be that the pack were pretty bad all those years ago, when it mattered the most to me, part of it is I am not surrounded by their fans and kind of like the whole, small town owns the team and shows up in the snow (which I miss for our team, #rip the roof off or however hashtags work) Part of it is Favre was fun to watch, except when he was getting mauled and throwing cross body game ending playoff ending interceptions in purple, the Saints snatched my cowpers gland in that game and crushed it I might add. I thought the first 100,000 or so cheeseheads were kinda funny too.....I think Reggie White was the best defensive player I ever saw with apologies to LT, Mike Singletary, and a prime of his career JJ Watt. Part of it is rooting for the NFC north once we're out of it.. And yeah i get the Rodgers is a smug, self serving, self absorbed, taint, but he is a damned talented one that is nearing the end and I tend to root for those type guys when the vikes are out of it like Elway or Peyton with Denver, etc. Brady doesn't need another one, I'm a Clemson Grad so I can't go for Burrows (though i hope Tee Higgins shines), Mahomes? Mamaybe? I could make a strong argument for rooting for Stafford after all he's suffered with the Lions but I kinda don't like him more than I kinda don't like Rodgers, Jimmy G- if he replace Kirk yes, but not with San Fran (Steve Young's run damaged my adrenal glands as they overloaded while I was screaming "just tackle the stumbling SOB") Tannehill, hate him and his little dog too. Josh Allen i can get behind, small town kid and all that and I do feel for the Bills having gone through the 4 Super Bowls, so if it came down to Bills Pack I'd probably go Bills.. but other than that potential match up I will be pulling packers... So do I have to turn in my key to the Daily Norseman executive washroom or are their others here, pulling Packer now?

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