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Minnesota Vikings News and Links: Saturday January 22, 2022

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SMU v Cincinnati Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images


The weekend is here. Get your grill on and enjoy your beverages of choice!

We get to watch playoff football!

Too bad our team STINKS!

But, if it weren’t for this or for that we coulda been a contenda!

One side says let’s keep as much of it together (I believe the owners are on this side) because we are so close.

The other side says we have seen enough of the current configuration and need to go on down the yellow brick road.

It is exciting and will be interesting which pill the owners choose.

The red or the blue?

Around DN since the last Open Thread

Two favorites have “apparently” emerged as favorites for the Vikings GM job.

I don’t have much of an opinion for either but lean towards Poles due to his football background which is admittedly biased.

Not sure I’m ready for more nerd stats.

I would not mind the idea of hiring one as GM and the other as Executive VP of something or other.

Other Vikings News

What is Kirk Cousins trade value? Some folks believe it all depends on how much of his salary the Vikings are willing to pay. This same article has a link to another article that speculates about the Eagles possibly being a destination. The jist would be they give up one of their 1st round picks and Gardner Minshew.

Media Selection of the Day

Don’t know how to do this so you get nothing and you’ll like it!

Mock Draft Simulators

Fanspeak has a paid version that allows trades!

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