Vikings Coach and GM

I am ok with the 2 young GM finalists. I think it is a long time coming to add young, bright people for the long haul future. The NFL used to be loaded with retreads in the coaching and gm ranks. Zim loved them. The Capers, Turners, Kubiaks, etc. These guys did solid work in the league and were paid handsomely and added to to the game. But what is truly exciting is a young coach/gm who has the skills to modernize and build. The Wilfs are smart for this approach. Somebody who has the smarts to understand the modern game, not a dusty old former CB/DC coach who has no clue what they are doing and alienates players. Somebody who will not draft a Ponder or give a 5th rounder for a non established kicker/punter hybrid.

After the crap we went through with DinoZim, I want to see what a modern offense looks like with the bulk of our exsisting players. There were times when we were behind and went uptempo and we totally MASHED. Then our flatulent "coach" would screw up and move away back to whatever we want to call that dogcrap style he wanted. I am burned out on DC as HC myself. I am watching Vrabel now, who Zim wishes he was, and I just cannot see him winning the SB. At least he knows how to run a real ground and pound.

I like Daboll a lot. When Allen came in he was raw supertalent but had bad nad accuracy. Now in a short time he has turned Allen into a top 5 QB.

I have no idea why anyone would like Pedersen. he was awful those last few years in Philly. No way to Dan Quinn or Caldwell.

I have been seeing some folks say we should keep Lil Kub. What the hell? I, for one, want anyone other than maybe Mccardel out. No leftovers, we need to have a real "fresh perspective".

Somebody keeps posting a really ignorant theory as fact that firing DinoZim automatically means there is an 80% chance of losing. What a huge Dinosaur pile of kaka. Zim minnions trying to build up his legacy and create fear. There is zero fear other than hiring a Dan

And even if we do have 1 losing season up front, thats ok if it is clearing cap to sign big talent, which is going to be shocking. RS was obsessed with signing his own draft picks. Arrogance supreme. At least there is hope. I always knew RS and ZIm could not win shite, there was zero hope with the Bungle Twins.

For the first time in years I feel optimistic. Its a refreshing feeling!

What are your ideas?

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