New QB in the draft?

Some are calling for Cousins to be traded. Let's say just for fun that it happens. Now whether you agree with it or not the new staff wants to find their QB in the draft this year. Not the strongest class you never know how things will turn out. Which QB would you want from this draft? I'd only consider 2 guys and in this order:

Desmond Ridder: He's my top choice. He has gotten better each year and has the tools to be successful. Looking at this draft class you'd have to take a Josh Allen approach and look at what the QB could become. I wanted Daboll as HC because of the job he did developing Allen. However, I've been listening to a lot of different football podcasts and people that study the situation seem to think Jordan Palmer is who fixed Allen. Allen still works Palmer even during the week before the playoff game they were in contact. So that got me interested Palmer is training a handful of QBs and Ridder is one. I listened to Palmer talk about his guys in this draft now clearly he is biased. However, the highest compliment he gave Ridder is his attention to detail and work ethic that he's only seen before when working with Allen. Now Ridder is not the same athlete as Allen but if he truly does have that work ethic with the tools he does have I think he ends up QB1 from this draft.

Sam Howell- Sam is my second choice. This was a down year for him but he lost a lot of his top weapons. He was able showcase his running ability more this year. He's on the shorter side for a QB but with the right weapons could do well. But with the school and size its hard not to think of Trubisky.

Now the others have intriguing traits but seem too limited. Corral reminds me a lot of Baker. Not sure how he would do outside of a spread offense. Pickett takes too long to get the ball out of his hand. I think that shows up more in the NFL as it did for Fields. Malik has the athleticism but everything else needs work. I just don't know if he ever reaches his potential. Carson strong has had knee issues dating back to high school. That alone is enough to scare me off.

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