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Vikings Daily SITREP - Was Rick Spielman Good?

With the Vikings on the verge of signing their new GM, Jayson did some research to see if the old one, Rick Spielman was as good as some thought. Was he?

New GM, old GM, was Rick Spielman good? Jayson Brown responds to that question. Using PFF’s WAR [Wins above Average Replacement] statistics over the time period Spielman has been with the team, looks where each of the important positions ended up and did that correlate to where the team actually finished in wins and losses during that time. Yes, coaches have responsibility for developing players too. That’s a given. Rick was involved in the coach hiring decisions and was the one who hired Mike Zimmer and his staff. He had sole control of the roster as it was reported, so how did it turn out? We all know, in the release of both. Was there justification though? Find out in today’s Vikings Daily SITREP as we all await the announcement of his replacement as the new GM of your Minnesota Vikings.

Was Spielman as good as you thought?

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