Purple Prospectus: So what do we need?

Now we have a new GM, and assessments all over the board about the viability of various position groups and "how far away" we are from being competitive. Projections, from pundits AND on this board range from "there are too many holes to expect to fill them before the next ice age," to "we already have everything (or almost everything) we need on the roster to get to the Championship.

I don't yet have a firm opinion on the question, aside from my antique notion that you win the game consistently in the trenches. So I'd like to gauge the opinion of the DN community, whose collective wisdom I have come to respect over the years I've been reading the blog.

So what's our most pressing need, whether you think it should be addressed in the draft, or in free agency? Is it the Offensive or Defensive Line? Linebackers? Secondary? Receivers? QB?

NOTE: If there's still a way to include a poll, I can't find it. If you know how, I'd appreciate you letting me know.

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