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Vikings Daily SITREP - Did Mike Zimmer Throw Kellen Mond Under the Bus?

Thanks for joining us as we flush out this new show to bring you valuable to you, content. We’re on the cusp of starting a new chapter in our Vikings fandom. Let’s roll with it. SKOL!!!

Did the Minnesota Vikings’ head coach, Mike Zimmer throw Kellen Mond under the bus at his post-game press conference? Mike was asked if he would like to see Kellen Mond play next week vs the Chicago Bears. His answer was, “Not particularly.” Then when asked why, he responded with, “I see him every day.” Zimmer is known for blatant honesty at times, and for a coach in a business known for football lies, that can be refreshing. Was this too fay though? Could have Zimmer just said that Mond isn’t ready and leave it at that? We that Mike was emotional last night after that embarrassing and humiliating loss to the Green Bay Packers, but is this the type of organizational leadership to display to the public? Only Zygi and Mark Wilf know for sure, but to the rest of us, this is just another example of why the Mike Zimmer [and whole football operations cadre] is coming to an end.

Jayson Brown joined Producer Dave to discuss this issue briefly in a new segment that Climbing The Pocket is airing out, called Vikings Daily SITREP. The goal is to aggregate what is happening with the team we want to love and improve your situational awareness.

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