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Vikings Daily SITREP - Zimmer Wants The Starters

Start the starters? That is what Mike Zimmer wants against the Bears in week 18. Is that a smart decision for the Vikings? Jayson and Dave discuss it in the CTP Vikings Daily SITREP.

Mike Zimmer said yesterday in his press conference that he wants to start the starters if they are available. This is because the Minnesota Vikings host the Chicago Bears in what is really a meaningless game. Do you want to see that? Jayson and Dave talk about it. This is literally like an exhibition game. Some players want to put things on tape, but shouldn’t it be an opportunity to see all the younger players and see what you have entering into 2022?

Friend of the show, Luke Braun of Locked On Vikings and Locked On NFL, wrote a fantastic piece on the demise of the 2021 Vikings campaign. You can check it out at Zone Coverage here.

Jayson Brown joined Producer Dave to discuss this issue briefly in a new segment that Climbing The Pocket is airing out, called Vikings Daily SITREP. In order to improve your situational awareness, we want to aggregate what is happening with the team we want to love.

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