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Minnesota Vikings News and Links: Wednesday January 6, 2022

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Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Good Morning!

Well, no one in the front office has been given Das Boot as of yet. Probably wont happen until after this last game against Da Bears.

Around the DN since our last Open Thread:

Kirk Cousins and Brian O’Neill have been activated off the Covid List which is good news.

Warren takes a look at possible coaching candidates.

Vikings News from Other Sources:

Joel Corry takes a look at the Kirk Cousins’ contract and what the Vikings possibilities are. There is some good information there and it cleared up my belief that the team could add void years to Cousins’ deal without his permission.

Kyle Rudolph, former Viking tight end, said that Daniel Jones was the most talented guy he has ever played with.

Mike Zimmer said that “he can stand proud”. He can and should. Only 32 jobs in the NFL and he has had one for 8 years and did a reasonably good job but playoff appearances could be the death knell.

What would an Open Thread be without some mocks?

Saved the best for last of course ...

News from Around the League:

The NFL is drawing a hard line.

Rick Steiner’s son, Bronson is in the WWE!

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