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SB Nation Reacts: Nowhere to go but up

At least it isn’t zero anymore

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Last week, our SB Nation Reacts results for the Minnesota Vikings were as low as they could be as far as confidence in the team was concerned. Literally. . .they were at 0%. So, even though the Vikings lost on Sunday Night Football and found themselves eliminated from the playoff chase last week, things have actually undergone a bit of an uptick.

This week, a full 9% of those that responded to our survey expressed the opinion that the Vikings are moving in the right direction. I can only surmise that this stems from the anticipation that Mike Zimmer and/or Rick Spielman will be fired on Monday after the Bears game and the team will be taking a new direction, as opposed to the one they’re currently on.

Here’s the ebb and flow of our SB Nation Reacts rankings for the 2021 NFL season.

  • Post-2021 NFL Draft: 96%
  • Week 1: 61%
  • Week 2: 34%
  • Week 3: 38%
  • Week 4: 76%
  • Week 5: 14%
  • Week 6: 24%
  • Week 7: 36%
  • Week 8: 54%
  • Week 9: 2%
  • Week 10: 5%
  • Week 11: 21%
  • Week 12: 59%
  • Week 13: 14%
  • Week 14: 3%
  • Week 15: 13%
  • Week 16: 15%
  • Week 17: 0%
  • Week 18: 9%

Yeah, it’s not a great way to finish or anything, but at least it’s not zero.

We want to thank everyone that’s taken the time to respond to our SB Nation Reacts surveys throughout the course of the season. It hasn’t been a great year for our favorite football team by any stretch, so this has given us something to gauge just how crazy it’s been.

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