Hopefully, The End

This will be my last post on Zim.

Over the years, I have upset many at the DN with my anti Zim posts. I make zero apologies. The DN is and has been a overwhelmingly pro Zim place. Sometimes you would think Zim had family here fighting for him. A few of us fought through the haters flip floppers who every other post are for Zim or against him depending on the crowd. Or those that advocate for keeping Zim and giving him a 70/30 defensive budget scheme, which is supremely ignorant. We see his "fans" on here trolling every post all day long, some with multiple accounts, trying to pull some strange revisionist crap from the multiverse that Zim is amazing, its not his fault, it is Cousins, RS, Kubiak, the goalpost, the chalkmarks, you name it. In other words, your eyes and the game results are wrong. And even those who saw the end coming, could not accept that obvious reality and tried pulling a coup to drive out the "doomers", aka anti Zim posters to ease their pain.

Like I said last year and this one, any team with Mike Zimmer as a HC is destined to lose. I hear people around here saying he should stay, Here are the facts:

Zim as a leader has won NOTHING, NOTHING at all. Even as a DC with the Bengals. He only won as a defensive backs coach with the Cowboys.

Posters here say there is no coach better out there, which is hilarious. If Zim has never won anything at all, how can there not be a better coach out there? There are guys out there that can coach circles around Zim. And where does this myth come from that Zim is great, or even a good coach at all? He was a one trick pony, his defense, and that got exposed against Philly. That game was his peak and his end, all wrapped into one. He should have been fired after that game. Good Coaches win big games. They are consistent, they adapt. Zim does not.

We all know his record against winning teams is awful. He is such an obvious and predictable coach. He knows what he knows and that is it. He was his own worst enemy, refusing to acknowledge the team has turned into an offensive power, not his shitty 1994 ground and pound lets rely on my defense garbage from a bygone era. His arrogance is legendary. He never learned to blossom and modernize. Do not let any troll here tell you different. The guy is a class "A" bullshit artist. Remember his fresh perspectives Dom Caper hiring? Dom F'ing Capers, who was great 20 years ago. He was hell bent on sticking to his tired old ways. Still is.

Anyone who knows football can see how he lost games these last 2 years that were there for winning, but due to his bungling, clock management, lack of skill to adapt on the fly, scared play calling in combination with his indignant old school (or really, a wtf is he thinking?) style, he lost.

Bottom line is, he has ushered in an age of mediocrity to our franchise and because we have lost for 61 years, some accept this mediocrity and are scared if he leaves we will start losing. My question to those fans: We have been losing. 10-6 and no titles is losing. What are you thinking? What compels you to cheer on middle of the road? Do you care if the team wins a championship? We are the 7th or 8th winning franchise in league history. Guess what all the others above us have? Super Bowl victories. Players play to win. nobody likes to lose, yet our fans are ok to stick with what has not worked. Come on guys!!!

8 years, 2 playoff wins against the Saints. 2 smash jobs against Philly and SF. If something does not work, you move on and try something new. Zim should have never got the last extension.

Remember also, he hand picked the guys on defense this last year. Breeland Tomlinson, Richardson, Woods. Still sucked.

And lets talk about the defensive guru myth. Where is this coming from???? Good defenses win, right? His is shit, and it has been shit, even when he had "top rated" defenses, they never produced any real winning and lost when it counted. Some of us here act like he has owned the league on defense. He has not even come close. Again, the results speak for themselves. CB whisperer..what a massive joke. His defensive coaching is soo bad and he is so scared that in crunch time he has his db's play 10 yards off the opponent, which is why he shattered the NFL record for end of half points allowed this year. His only all time defensive NFL record will be that one! What a guru.

He runs vanilla offensive sets with zero imagination. My fave is the red zone offense where they throw down the field with ease, then run that set with 1 wideout and try to run up the middle, the weakest spot on our line, for zero gain. Then do it again the next play. What a clown. Every single person sees it coming, and he does it anyways. WTF is anyone thinking defending this or wanting to keep it around more????

Lets talk about the hilarious version of a ZBS they run. Zim is so inept he still runs the ball when there is no run to be had. He acts like he has a Titans power running scheme with huge lineman, yet runs a zbs scheme with a small OL that gets no push up the gut. Idiot. He also never adapted to the Hicks of the league who are in the backfield when the ball us hiked. He has shown zero adaptability in so many areas.

Last week getting skunked 20-3 and tells the media the team needs to run the ball more coming out of the half when the defense were like savage dogs attacking our line and allowed us literaly no yards rushing in the first half. This folks, is the sign of a person who does not know wtf they are doing. Lost in the woods, way out there nowhere near reality. And it sums him up: He is not capable of coming up with answers to solve problems.

Throwing his team under the bus. Played out. He has this macho tough guy routine. Too bad he calls his offense and defense like a fricking wimp.

I truly expect the Wilfs remove him and RS, who is a weasel also. I do not trust him even a small bit to draft a franchise QB. When Zim came I was ecstatic, we needed a change and at that moment, he was the man, and he deserves credit for bringing discipline to a team that needed it badly. But he wore out his welcome a long time ago.

To sum it all up, goodbye Zim. I will not miss you or ever pine for your time here.

We need a proven winner as our new HC, and yes, that includes Leftwich and Bienemy. They both have rings as leaders, not as a defensive back coach. Nobody should want another DC to helm the team. No more conservative offenses! Those guys have winning programs with winning players. They know what it takes and have cred. Before anyone throws stones, tell me again, what has Zim won??? That's right, NOTHING. And thinking he will somehow adapt to the trends in the league and fix all the same mistakes he has made for 8 year straight is sad and hilarious. Laugh at yourself now if you believe that. He is as stubborn as they come, ol DinoZim.

The real hope comes now. And yes, the grass is greener on the other side when you have been losing for 61 years. No time to keep groundhog day-ing with this losing regime and expecting any other results. Same goes for a new coach, if it does not work, no more 8 year experiments, move on after 4 years if things stagnate like they have now. The Wilfs have to do better. They let this show go on for a long time. The only thing that matters is winning a SB. If we were the Jags or Panthers, teams with less than 30 years, ok, not so painful. 61 years? No time for bs lame coaching and excuses. Lets F'ing win!

SKOL. Lets go new era Vikings!

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