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Vikings Report Rewind LIVE: Bears at Vikings

The game, and the season, are over

The 2021 regular-season finale is over for the Minnesota Vikings, as their game with the Chicago Bears is officially in the books. The season is over, but we have one last game recap courtesy of Vikings Report Rewind LIVE.

You can watch the show in one of two ways: you can use the embedded video feed below, or you can head over to the Vikings Report with Drew and Ted YouTube channel, which will allow you to send in comments and interact with the show if you so choose.

With the end of the season comes the likely end of the Mike Zimmer era in Minnesota, and possibly the Rick Spielman era as well. We’ll talk about both the game and take a look at what we might be expecting from the team over the course of the next few days as they look to start making some pretty significant changes.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the live post-game show over the course of this season, because we’ve really enjoyed doing it as well. There will be a few other live hits during the offseason, and of course we’ll be doing the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft live this April as well.

Thanks, everyone, and enjoy the show!