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Vikings 2022 opponents officially set

We know the who and the where, but not the when

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

With the 2021 regular season officially in the books for the Minnesota Vikings, it’s time to start looking towards 2022. We now know who the purple will play and where they’ll play them, but we obviously don’t know the when as things stand right now. We’ll have to wait for the NFL schedule release for that.

The Vikings, like every NFC team, will have an extra home game next season. Each AFC team had an extra home game this past season with the advent of the new 17-game schedule.

With that, here are all of the teams that the Vikings will face in 2022. They’re matched up against the NFC East and the AFC East along with the extra games against the teams that finished in the same spot in the other divisions as they did.

Home Games

Road Games

There’s your schedule, folks. Any games you’re planning on making the voyage to?