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Are the Vikings actually bad vs Backup QB’s?

Is this real or is it a myth?

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

If you polled NFL fans and asked them how they’d feel about their favorite team facing a third-string quarterback in an upcoming game, most would be ecstatic and expect an easy victory. For Minnesota Vikings fans, it’s quite the opposite. Ever since Bills QB Josh Allen faced the Vikings as a rookie back in 2018 and left us completely embarrassed, Vikings fans have been triggered by the words “backup QB.”

That didn’t change this week when the Miami Dolphins announced that they’d be starting their 3rd-string QB, Skylar Thompson, as the other two QBs on the roster, Teddy Bridgewater and Tua Tagovailoa, are being held out with concussions.

After the initial reaction of “The Vikings suck vs back up QB’s” from fans, it left me wondering. Are the Vikings really that bad vs back up QB’s? Or are we just Vikings fans coping after a few traumatic events? I went back to 2017, to see how we fared vs all back up QB’s we’ve faced.

2017 Season (1-0 vs Backup QB’s)

Week 16 vs Packers
Backup- Brett Hundley Starter Aaron Rodgers

This was a cold Sunday night football game in Green Bay that wasn’t particularly close, but rather ugly. The Vikings snuck out a win as their dream season continued.

2018 Season (0-0 vs Backup QB’s)

This season was the infamous Josh Allen game, and although fans are triggered by this game, he technically was the starter, so we got out of one here.

2019 Season (1-2 vs Backup QB’s)

Week 4 vs Bears
Backup- Chase Daniels Starter- Mitch Trubisky

After a 1-1 start to the season, the Vikings face a division rival and a backup; unfortunately, Solider Field and the backup QB’s are the Vikings’ worst enemies as they lose this one on the road.

Week 9 vs Chiefs
Backup- Matt Moore Starter- Patrick Mahomes

Vikings fans probably remember this one. blessed with every opportunity to pull out a win while Mahomes is out. The Vikings couldn’t close this game out and punted the ball with 1:55 to go in the game, and Matt Moore delivered a game-winning drive that led to a walk-off FG.

Week 14 vs Lions
Backup- David Blough Starter- Matthew Stafford

The Vikings needed a rebound game after another heartbreaking loss in Seattle. They came home and got that win, their first against a backup QB this season.

2020 Season (1-1 vs Backup QB’s)

Week 11 vs Cowboys
Backup- Andy Dalton Starter- Dak Prescott

2020 came with some close games, and this week was no different. Andy Dalton stepped in for Dak Prescott after the Vikings took a 28-24 lead in the fourth. Dalton and the Cowboys mounted a comeback to defeat the Vikings 31-28.

Week 13 vs Jaguars
Backup- Mike Glennon Starter- Gardner Minshew

A game that was way closer than it should’ve been. The Vikings found themselves down 9-0 early, but battled back, and when it looked like they were ready to put the Jaguars away, they allowed them to tie the game and force OT. Luckily, the Vikings snuck out a win on a game-winning FG by Greg Joseph.

2021 Season (1-1 vs Backup QB’s)

Week 8 vs Cowboys
Backup- Cooper Rush Starter- Dak Prescott

Ah yes, Cooper Rush. I don’t think much explanation is needed here, especially since he’s played well this season filling in for Prescott, but Cooper Rush will forever be attached to the conversation about the Vikings and backup QBs.

Week 18 vs Bears
Backup- Andy Dalton Starter- Justin Fields

I’d take this game with a grain of salt. While the Vikings won, it was the final game of a lost season.


As you can clearly see, the Vikings and the previous regime very clearly struggle vs. backup QBs and are 5-5 in the last five seasons when playing against them, and even some of those wins were close calls. That could change now that Kevin O’Connell and company are in charge. We have a history of believing that this team is going to let us down, and rightfully so. But we owe it to ourselves and to the new regime to prove us wrong, and if they can’t... well then we can just fire up all the criticism like we usually do. Sunday will be another test for this team to shed previous notions we’ve had about them. Win and fans will have full belief; lose, and it’s the same old Vikings.