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SB Nation Reacts Results: Is Kirk clutch now?

The answer may surprise you!

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings

Our SB Nation Reacts results are in, so let’s take a look at how everyone that responded to our poll thinks things are going with the Minnesota Vikings after the first five weeks of the season.

First of all, we’ve seen another increase in the level of confidence in the fan base. This week, 88% of fans that responded to our poll believe that the team is moving in the right direction.

That’s up just a bit from the 83% that responded to that question in the affirmative last week. The winning streak has fans feeling pretty good, as they probably should given that the Vikings would be the #2 seed in the NFC if the postseason started today. Here’s hoping that they can maintain it.

Now, on to our other question for this week. After three consecutive weeks of leading a fourth-quarter comeback drive for a victory, we had a very simple “Yes” or “No” question: Is Kirk Cousins “clutch” now? The results are in and. . .well, frankly, I’m a bit surprised.

A majority of our respondents. . .54%, to be exact. . .feel that #8 is, in fact, “clutch” now. It may seem like a simplistic question on the surface, but given all the heat that Cousins has taken over the few years for not being able to win in prime time or against good defenses or that he turtles up late or whatever it might be, it’s been pretty nice to see the end result these past three weeks.

Honestly, I think this has a lot to do with him having a coach that actually trusts him. We heard that in the post-game press conference last week when he talked about throwing the interception against the Bears trying to hit Adam Thielen when he had C.J. Ham open in the flat. Last year, Cousins probably doesn’t attempt that throw and people end up griping about him “taking the checkdown” or “not being aggressive enough.” He’s still getting used to this offense, after all, and if Cousins is going to take more chances in the name of (hopefully) producing more big plays, then there’s a chance that turnovers like the one we saw against the Bears are going to happen.

Cousins is only going to get better in this offense, in my opinion. . .maybe, once he gets completely comfortable, he won’t have to be so “clutch” anymore, but he certainly has been through the first five weeks of this season, in my opinion.

Those are your SB Nation Reacts results for this week for the Vikings, folks. We’ll have another question for you to answer next week. Hey, it’s the bye week. . .what else are you gonna do?

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