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Vikings at Dolphins - Skylar Effect?

Darren and Dave talk about the Vikings at the Dolphins. Is there a Skylar Thompson effect? We’ll explain what that is. Have there been some pleasant surprises beyond the 4-1 start? Then, what will it take to beat the Dolphins in the heat and humidity? Who do you pick? #SKOL!

In this episode of Two Old Bloggers , after another come-from-behind victory last week against the Chicago Bears, your Minnesota Vikings have left the Twin Cities, right after its first snow to head down to Miami to meet the Miami Dolphins for a Sunday matchup. This will be the third road game of the season. The Vikings are 4–1 and the Dolphins are 2–3. The Dolphins are dinged up and look to be starting Skylar Thompson. We’ll get into what is the Skylar effect. The Minnesota Vikings have not done well, or at least not as well as they should against backup quarterbacks, and that looks to be a possibility this weekend. Tua Tagovailoa‘s already been ruled out. Most likely Teddy Bridgewater will be the backup. The reason for that is Mike McDaniel wanted a full week of practice for his starting quarterback. How will it work against the Minnesota Vikings? We’re just going to have to find out.

There have been some pleasant surprises so far, despite the fact that there has been a lot of stress over some of the wins. Darren wants to share a bit of love for three of those players the first of which is D.J. Wonnum. This is his most productive season for the Vikings, and he has become an integral backup to Danielle Hunter. Then there is the elder statesman of the defense, Patrick Peterson, who has with his smarts and mentorship skill done a better job this season than some expected. But the biggest surprise of all has to be Garrett Bradbury at center. Bradbury has had probably the best season of his career so far under the Kevin O’Connell offensive system [something Darren talked of as possible before the season]. It is a combination of him putting on strength and working on his craft in the off-season and complementary play by the interior line. Ezra Cleveland and Ed Ingram are being schemed to help him and all three perform as a solid unit in pass protection. The improvement on the offensive line is one of the season's most pleasant surprises.

How will the Vikings do against the Dolphins? That’s a great question. Darren and Dave will break it all down with your last-minute injury reports. They will also get into the statistics a little bit, and then how all that can play for either a Vikings win or a Dolphins' not-so-surprising victory. Who do you think will win? This and more today on 2OB.

Here are the themes for the show:

Theme #1: The Skylar Thompson effect

Theme #2: Vikings' pleasant surprises

Theme #3: Vikings – Dolphins preview

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